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Subj: Re: It is so sad that Marvel doesn't fix Spidey
Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 at 03:41:16 am EST (Viewed 144 times)
Reply Subj: It is so sad that Marvel doesn't fix Spidey
Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 at 01:03:46 am EST (Viewed 150 times)

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I always find it pleasing to see others besides me voice my disgust over how they had Spidey make a deal with the devil.

The newspaper strip version reversed the deal and had it where it was all a dream Peter had. (thank you, Stan!)

Yet the comics for years have to suffer the stigma of a character that is meant for fans of all ages, this means KIDS too, gets so screwed up that he takes an easy out by making a faustian bargain. This is Spider-man, not Johnny Blaze.

In fact I am a bit surprised that Blaze or any of the other Ghost Riders don't sense some great sin hanging over Spiderman and zap him with the penance stare and see if that jogs his memory.

Also doesn't Dr Strange now sense something amiss with him?

As to fixing the Mephisto Mindwipe, well its been so long that some serious Deus ex machina writing is now needed. Some serious time travel, or the reality gem, or the time gem or the cosmic cube are needed at this point. Yet they don't fix the damage, while it is okay TWICE now for Tony Stark to be corrupted and turned evil (Crossing and Superior Iron Man) and the only fix for both was to kill him off and revive him via Deus Ex Machina writing. (Heroes Return, Secret War)

Nick Fury was once long ago believed killed by the Punisher but through some weak writing was brought back.

Yet they do not want to fix one of their flagship characters. Pathetic.

What they should do is negate the deal even if it means Aunt May finally dies...(Again!). Then they could have Peter and MJ spend a bit of time apart to deal with their issues over the matter then of course kiss and make up. Also the assorted heroes should learn of the deal and how the deal's affects may have impacted their own lives and seriously shun Spidey for a long time.

I just don't think it's enough to reverse it. That it happened totally taints Peter and MJ. The only way around it is to have it so someone mind controlled or mind influenced them and cast an illusion of Mephisto so that when they remember they think they did the deed but it turns out they didn't.

Otherwise it's always 'Spider-Man made a deal with the devil willingly.'

The biggest problem of course was his stupid out of character decision to full time join the Avengers and unmask everywhere in the run up to Civil War and then to unmask to the world. Because then they needed to resort to stupid to fix it all. Making Peter a full time Avenger with no private identity took him away from what he is unique for as a hero and therefore made him a tad rubbish actually.

I've been posting to show, look, Marvel nor Peter have learned from their mistakes. I can explain why BND and Slott's stuff may not have worked for me but I can say that they tried to get the essence of Peter right and a lot of that was building him support casts. Then Spider-Verse happened and now Peter has a team of bland generic spider characters. Yay. Is there any difference between Jessica Drew, Silk, Arachne and Spider-Gwen except one of them is blonde? (That said I LOVE Spider-Gwen)

Maybe Peter should do a ouija board to summon Blackheart to ask him to remove everybody's memory of his identity and to remove all these bland Spider-Team people. It would be in character after all.

Side note - I DO like Miles in some continuities. Just not 616. But whatever should happen he should stick around. Boy's done good. And he hasn't sold Ganke to Mephisto yet.

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