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Kindred is delivered into the hands of Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk, Norman still has a clear conscience but makes use of his usual manipulative charm to woo Fisk into letting him have custody of Kindred where he can begin to rebuild his bond with his son. Meantime, we learn from flashbacks Mary Jane was fine and helped Norman spring his trap on Kindred. Meantime, Carlie and Overdrive head off for a dinner date and Aunt May runs into Martin Li, the former Mister Negative.

My thoughts:

Overall, this is a strong character piece for Norman, we get to see him rely on old tricks, and we also don't quite believe he's 'all there' as it pertains to going fully straight. It's certainly a new dimension for the character, and neither reader or even writer I feel knows which way the wind ought to blow for Norman. This does feel like seat-of-your-pants worthy stuff, but somehow it manages to engage you even as the promise of answers continues to diminish and dwindle.

The comics' fresh format of gradually bleeding into one epic event story after another proves exhausting in a positive way, taking you on a rollercoaster with no sign of slowing down, taking Peter and his friends straight through a harrowing aftermath that could unravel even more between them once they stop for a breather.

I'm totally ok with Kingpin and his men not storming in on Peter unmasked
To all comic book writers, please stop with identity reveals unless you're going to pay the story off in a realistic way.

I'm totally fine with the 'twist' that Kingpin has seemingly captured Kindred.

And now it turns out that Last Remains was only designed to be first chapter of a rollercoaster ride, it allows one to be more sympathetic. I know I believed it to be the end of the Kindred storyline.

So far this new arc is well played and it will be interesting to see Mr. Negative back.

Does Peter change his costume because May dies?

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