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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man#56: The Good Father?
Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 at 02:30:09 am EST (Viewed 135 times)
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Killing Norman would be a shame I think, and he is fated to be what he is and always was, a cold wicked personality. There seems to be a lack of self-awareness though that has made him boring to read at times in recent years.
IF the Sin Eater experience allows Norman to still be the same old SOB as usual but while having him genuinely concerned for Harry, then there will be more to play with.

Totally respect that, but this is the thing... Norman should have *always* been concerned, albeit disappointed, with Harry. Just having that character wrinkle immediately adds texture to him. He shouldn't have to have magic Sin-Eating happen.

But to me even this is not enough. Even with this, what is anybody going to *do* with him? He's going to fight Peter again. And he might blow up someone like Jonah or MJ or May or Gwen or Ms. Lion or something, or drop 'em from a bridge or Goblin them up like Carlie or... yawn. I just kind of feel he's exhausted as a villain.

I *do* think this is an endemic problem with a lot of Marvel characters however - too much continuity which sags under the serial fiction, and either too little progression (I.e. nobody stays dead) or far too much to the extent that some things change too far. I've no idea WTF the X-Men have been, for example, for 20 years now.

To be fair I've felt that writers like Slott and Spencer *have* tried to make real progress without taking the characters so far they may be something else but modern day comics writes big events and sometimes some gambles worked and some don't. The problem comes is when previous stories don't matter. If theirs don't matter why should I invest in yours? Because the next writer will tell me yours doesn't matter.

With Norman he was a classic 60's villain, then became a really good version of a Luthor style archetype Mastermind in the 90's, then he started escalating to EVERYTHING IS DOWN TO ME a tad too much in the 00's before Bendis and Millar and the 00's crowd decided to basically have him rule America. Which totally fit previous versions of him keeping him recognisable AND moving him on from Spidey. But then Slott decided to have bin Goblin King and frankly it was reductive. He's already been the secret mastermind of a million Spidey plots now - The Clone Saga, Marvel Knights, The Peter as Goblin story, Spider-Hunt, when he almost killed Flash... I didn't want to see him masterminding anything else and yet...

Then he becomes Carnage... He's a Goblin AND a Symbiote? Woopie! Anyway.

So sincere question. It's clear I would kill him, maybe having him redeem Harry in doing so, but I just don't think there's anywhere for him to go that isn't played out. But what would you do? Do you see a place for him? Genuinely interested to know.

(I know you're not disagreeing fully with me because you said fully Evil Norman is becoming unusable which is sort of my point but I'm also saying I don't think even a face turn for Norman can save the character if nobody knows where to take him)

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