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...Are all the ways you can summeraise Peter's reactions to Norman in this issue


Ghost Spider is frustrated at Peter, she feels he is not telling the Order everything, Mary Jane tells her to back off and Julia concurs, they may require answers but nobody appears to have any. As The Order of the Web make plans to confront the looming threat, Peter pays Norman a visit at Ravencroft. Norman angers Peter by mentioning Mary Jane by name, an angry Peter tells Norman he is through with him and Harry playing games with him. He beats the crap out of Norman and flees.

Harry, still trapped in his prison, appears to be content where he is.

Still no answers forthcoming as to how Harry ended up in this state

Meanwhile, Carlie is examining a bunch of exhumed bodies as a favour to MJ, one of the bodies she finds was not on the list. She takes a gander at the body and is shocked, she calls Mary Jane, but she is fast asleep. Carlie tries to identify the body to her but is attacked by one of Kindred's centipedes, her fate is left unknown. Peter returns to Mary Jane, MJ asks whether or not this ordeal is over, Peter tells her it isn't.

My thoughts:

Another filler issue, it's almost like they want to get to a nice round number before moving if Last Remains in itself was significantly underlength. Nevertheless, we have to make due with what we get here, and what we have here is a fascinating insight into the levels of frustration Peter has reached with Norman and Harry. Peter isn't even concerning himself with just where Harry has ended up, or whether or not he should tell his family, indeed Harry's life with Liz and the boys isn't even brought up, Peter makes this all about the twisted vengeful paths of both Osborns and how they have directly affected him and his loved ones specifically.

He gives a redeemed Norman no quarter of mercy and pummels him, telling him to stay away, and to keep Harry away also. This is a Peter who is determined to hold on to everything he holds dear rather than waste time on doomed causes like Harry.

Carlie seems all over the place at the moment, one moment she's going on a date with Overdrive, the next she's uncovering the secrets of an exhumed body with no mention of how her dinner date went. Whether or not she's found the body of the real Harry or someone else is left a mystery as she is issue supposedly sees the end of an era...does that mean more to do with an era established by Brand New Day? Is Carlie done for? Doubtful, but she does appear to be in a bit of a tizzy.

And lastly, the order establish a name for themselves as well as a renewed purpose...but didn't they coin a name for themselves much earlier in Sins Rising?

Last Remains ended up a big bowl of nothing particularly after this unsatisfying aftermath chapter. Terrible cover choice. And, WTH, is he lying on a U.S. Flag? Bah. Kindred is unrepentant and unphased and untalkative; he' content in his carbonite-y coffinish cage. [sarcasm]"Oh great."[/sarcasm] The Spider-gang aren't gonna talk about it? [sarcasm]"Oh great."[/sarcasm] The best the can muster is stooping to another Marvel namecopying exercise. The Order of the Web was bland enough but now it's lazily shortened to swiping "THE ORDER"?! [sarcasm]"GREAT!"[/sarcasm] Sure, it's not like the 50 State Initiative team names got a fair shake but was the probably the most lauded (and interesting) of the bunch should have been one to survive that Event with name intact! Just go with U.S.Web-spinners, Spider-gang! Mayor Fisk is off scot free again to continue his reign as a political monster unchecked. [sarcasm]"Oh great."[/sarcasm] Peter is epiphanically upset that can only reshape his character moving forward... forever... However, the whole motivation from Last Remains feels incomplete and the true staying power of his new 'tude feels uncertain. [sarcasm]Feels like a Tuesday.[/sarcasm] And then there's the 5 page spotlight on America's favorite supporting character. No, not MJ who only got, like, 5 panels. It was [sarcasm]Carly Cooper[/sarcasm] who had that whole buncha somethin goin on that you recapped perfectly with so little to go on and, as such, get excited about.

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