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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #62: Liked it, too...
Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 at 06:49:47 am EDT (Viewed 148 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#62: Nothing Moves The Gog!
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Fred is cornered by Fisk's flunkies, allowing Bullseye to take sharp aim at Gog and shoot off his inhibitor collar, Gog grows to enormous heights and rampages through the city until Peter recalibrates the collar and somehow gets it back on him.

Deciding Gog needs to be distanced from him, Fred and Peter agree to hand the critter over to Mary Jane for a week. Fred rips off lines from the 'Distinguished Competition's flagship hero and flies off.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Randy are having dinner discussing Randy's love life when Jonah runs into the pair of them, he wants ad space in the Bugle but Robbie isn't very keen. Jameson accuses Robbie of jealousy.

Tombstone decides he's going to kidnap Randy to force Fred to come to him, but he discovers his son is dating his daughter...and at the same time, Robbie also finds out this information through a report filed by Gloria.

My thoughts:

It's Romeo and Juliet as only Spidey could weave it, the next natural step in the blood feud between the Robertsons and the Lincons, just who will be left counting the costs? Somehow I don't see the two as kind to forge a suicide pact, not with the level of firepower and ability Beetle is packing!

This was a fine fun issue that set up many interesting elements, Mary Jane and Peter essentially now have a pet to care for, the closest they'll get presently to caring for a child in an unmarried scenario. Pets are no less important than raising an infant, they need fed, cleaned and educated just as much. I doubt this situation will only linger a week, not with Fred's luck, which is oftern worse than Peters'!

Too cheezy/sloppy "CCA plot device" for Kingpin to target collar instead of heart.
Too sophisticated tech to appreciate such that it could be unclearly repaired here in moments, midair.
And... Too understated a debut of Spidey's new duds!!!

Other than those few quibbles, it was a "fine fun" ish with a spot on cover tease!
And... Who wouldn't like MJ as a babysitter?!


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