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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #64...
Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 at 10:02:06 pm EDT (Viewed 158 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#64: [SPOILER]'s 'Grave' Mistake?
Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 at 04:18:28 am EDT (Viewed 179 times)

    My thoughts:

    Janice is very cute, I hope reform is on the cards for her someday. I’d love a mini-series focusing on her and Randy’s ongoing star-crossed quarrels and escapades.


    That said, I really do feel like this issue treaded water slightly, and the big post-credits sequence aside, not much of note happened.

Well, Baron Mordo having more (apparent) success against Kindred than anyone else so far was something.

    The cover lied in that we didn’t get too big a battle, or an update on Gog with MJ, not even the lifeline tablet appeared. Very weird.

Just another example of poor cover artist coordination/assignment too often repeated.

    I guess we now have some idea of what Kindred’s centipedes can do to their victims, Carlie is undoubtedly now under Kindred’s control…perhaps she will turn out to be the ‘sixth’ member of Kindred and Otto’s Sinister Six? I had thought Mary Jane might become a ‘reluctant’ member due to her connections with Mysterio, and her own history taking on the Savage Six, but Carlie fits just as much and she already is a puppet of Kindred.


    It’s also make for a great meta-commentary, in that Peter would have to face the very embodiment of the Brand New Day status quo in this battle

Hopefully, we won't see online-commentary that Peter cheats readers with the promise of substantial decades-old BND closure, right or wrong,


The Lincoln pair provided a couple smileworthy lines.

Refreshing to see Madame Masque and Crime Master didn't resort to bootlicking-lackey mode and have believable endgame goal against Fisk.

How he survived from his 1976 intro is anybody's guess but it was a pleasant surprise to get (apparent) confirmation Mirage is the OG Desmond - which is rare with Revolving Door cameos at Marvel.

It's sad that Boomerang was more interesting that Spider-man this time round because he only appears in a text letter and last page poser splash.


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