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Subj: Other possibility [edited]
Posted: Mon May 31, 2021 at 10:18:50 am EDT (Viewed 139 times)
Reply Subj: Kindred question
Posted: Sun May 23, 2021 at 08:38:42 pm EDT (Viewed 189 times)

    What if Kindred actually Gwen Stacy somehow get back to life gained some powers i know it is absurb

Apparently, Carlie Cooper suddenly figured out the truth when she looked at the corpses that were gathered by Kindred.

Ben, George, Gwen, Jean, Marla, Flash were identified but there was another corpse.

Bart Hamilton, the Burglar, Seward Trainer, the Aunt May impostor, Alison Mongrain or Jason Macendale came to my mind but, in all cases, it would be a cop-out, wouldn't it?
Besides, none of them cares about MJ Watson.

Jonathan Caesar doesn't match the profile either.

The most shocking possibility would be that's the dead baby of Peter & MJ but would Nick Spencer dare to do that? If Norman Osborn traded the soul of the baby for the life of Harry Osborn, it would explain the origin of Kindred.

But, in this case, what would Carlie Cooper have seen when she looked at the corpse? What inspiration did she get? She wouldn't have had enough information about the baby to conclude anything about it.

It might be the dead body of Kindred before he became a demon and/or it might be someone who is apparently alive but really dead.

So, who could be this person?

One thing, however, is certain: MJ Watson plays a key role in the whole story.

And then, there is another clue: Doc Ock finds an empty coffin in a grave.

It might be the coffin of the unidentified decedent.