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Subj: Kindred
Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 at 10:41:26 am EDT (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man#67: Role Model Decoys?
Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2021 at 06:30:13 am EDT (Viewed 117 times)

    Yes, there's also still the matter of the 'demon Mary Jane' from the astral plane to consider

Yes, absolutely. I totally agree. It is an important element of the story since the protagonists were travelling through Peter Parker's soulscape.

In my case, the problem is that I may overinterpret what Nick Spencer is intending.

For example, I can't help noticing that Kindred is a mummy protected by centipedes:

-In Egyptian mythology, centipedes ward off evil spirits and are associated with death & afterlife. Sepa, the centipede god, was depicted as a mummified figure.

-The centipedes appear in Mesoamerican mythologies. In Maya mythology, centipedes are associated with the afterlife, death deities & the underworld. Mummification was practiced by the Aztec culture.

-In Mesopotamian mythology, centipedes protect against Lamashtu (a demon who menaced women during childbirth and kidnapped their children) but mummification was not practiced in Mesopotamia.

Thus, what actually is Kindred?

Also, I can't help thinking that Norman Osborn might have ritually sacrificed Baby May with the aim of resurrecting Harry. But it cannot be that, can it?
Addressing the death of the baby is the one element in Spider-Man's history that Marvel has vetoed for years (except once, in 2005, in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man).
Also, Baby May died in 1996 whereas Harry Osborn returned in 2007.
So, it cannot be the one & only satisfying explanation, can it? I can't figure out yet what the key to the mystery is...

Nota Bene:
1993: Harry Osborn apparently died.
1994: Scrier(s) first encountered Spider-Man.
1995: "Aunt May" apparently died.
1996: Mendel Stromm & Norman Osborn returned. Baby May apparently died. Alison Mongrain first appeared & snatched the body of the stillborn child.
1997: Alison Mongrain was in Europe. Mad Jack (Daniel Berkhart & Maguire Beck) worked for Norman Osborn.
1998: An artificial Green Goblin patterned after Harry Osborn manifested himself in New York. Wilson Fisk was in Paris. Alison Mongrain died & Aunt May returned.
1999: Quentin Beck kidnapped Baby Karen and apparently died.
2000: The artificial Green Goblin died.
2002: Vanessa Fisk apparently killed Richard Fisk.
2005: Mac Gargan told Peter Parker that Norman Osborn may have been responsible for the death of Baby May.
2006: "Undead Quentin Beck" made a cameo appearance.
2007: Vanessa Fisk apparently died - 'One More Day' - Harry Osborn apparently returned.
2008-2018: At one moment in time, Quentin Beck was apparently resurrected.
2018: Kindred manifested himself in New York.