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Bring back old spider characters with different powers for all of them.

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Subj: Re: With the new Writer(s) what would you like to see?
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Reply Subj: With the new Writer(s) what would you like to see?
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Now that we know the series is going back to 3X a month and it appears Ben Reilly will be headlining while Peter is incapacitated......... given those parameters what would you like to see?

My thoughts:

1) Mary Jane becoming the Marvel version of DC’s Barbara Gordon. I would like her helping Ben out along the way.

2) Aunt May knowing Pete is Spider-Man and getting to meet Ben and develop a relationship with him.

3) OMD gone! And the marriage restored

4) JJJ still an active main supporting cast member. I’d like him to be very supportive of Pete as Spider-Man but decides that Ben is a Spider-Menace!

5) Ben to check in on his old friends and supporting cast, see what’s happening at the Daily Grind

6) Kaine to be a semi regular supporting cast member as Scarlet Spider and someone to lean on and test Ben

7) Pete and MJ are still in the book. No reason they can’t share the book with Ben as Spidey.

8) Keep the classic Spider-man rogues for Ben to fight. We don’t need to revert to the clone saga villains just because it’s Ben.

9) Ben as a freelance photographer, down on his luck, (maybe even random jobs like fast food or pizza delivery) in a rundown apartment. Peter has taken on the science route, let Ben have his own shtick while keeping it in line with this still being a “Peter Clone”

10) New supporting cast members! Give Ben people to care about in his apartment building, new guy friends to hit the bars with and look for girls, kids in a rough neighborhood that he can mentor and pull them out of bad situations, girls he can fumble around because he’s awkward around them.

These are just some of the thoughts running through my brain. Any others anyone can think of? Share your hopes and dreams.

- PK

Here is my list and my ideas of all Spider Characters with different abilities.

This can take place outside of continuity but still canon. Have the entire Spider Family into a storyline

Info sheets of the Arachnids and the Spider Force

The Spider Force

Father Spider, Spider Mech, Spinner, Nurotoxin, Longlegs Secundus, Psider Man

The core members of the Galactic Alliance of Spider Beings, (formerly as galactic alliance of spider men) an intergalactic corporation of people who have spider power abilities that has unlimited potential in the universe. They are from the planet Arthropoda, a descendent of the Inhumans they live by the motto of "with great power comes great responsibility" doing well for all walks of life whether being or animal. They were introduced the original comic Marvel Comics Presents in November of 2007. They met Peter Parker aka Spider Man and needed his help on stopping Doctopoids sent that were sent by Tentaclone an android that was created for clone purposes for dire needs and the Tentaclone was created by Father Spider but took on its own personality and created the Doctopoids to take over the earth. The galactic alliance of spider men stopped them. But then Peter Parker woke up and thought it was a dream.

Father Spider: The Leader of the Spider Force and the founder of the Galactic Alliance of Spider Beings, The disciple of the Spider King. Abilities: Molecular Conversion, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Time Travel, Solar Energy manipulation and Projection. Strength, Speed Agility, Endurability, Precognitive Sense and Web Spinning

Spider Mech: Half Human/Spider/Half Cyborg, Magnetic Manipulation and Projection (Iron and Steel) Immunity to radiation and sickness, Strength, Web Spinning, Wall Crawling, Flight, Strength, Agility, Mobility, Speed, Precognitive Sense

Longlegs Secundus: The Philosopher of The Spider Force and loyal friend Abilities: Spider and Human Physical Manipulation Increase Size at will. Sonar Manipulation, Strength, Speed, Agility, Mobility, Web Spinning, Wall Crawling, Precognitive Sense, and flight

Nurotoxin: Has the ability to combat any being in space and time. Abilities: Cosmic Energy Augmentation, Conversion, Negation, Projection and Manipulation Wall Crawling, Web Spinning, Strength, Speed, Flight, Agility, Mobility, Precognitive Sense

Psider-Man: Overly cautious of his ability. Matter and Anti Matter absorption. Into anything he thinks. Teleportation, and has Mind Control Flight, Web Spinning, Wall Crawling, Speed, Strength, Agility, Mobility, Flight Precognitive Sense

Webspinner: Thermonuclear and Atomic Manipulation and Projection. Construction of wormholes at will. Flight, Web Spinning, Wall Crawling, Speed, Strength, Agility and Mobility.

The Spider Force has knowledge of all methods of Planets, Dimensions, Galaxies, and the Universe. All of them have physical, mental, combat-skills. They are advanced race that knows about every spider being ever known whether good or bad.

The Arachnids

Spider Man, Peter Parker. Spider Woman, Jessica Drew. Venom, Eddie Brock. Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly. Ghost Spider Gwen Stacy. Spiderwick, Kaine Parker. Spider Bite May Day Parker. Cyberweb Anya Corazon, Arachnaman Miles Morales. Tarantulus Miguel O Hara. Silk, Cindy Moon. And Arachne Julia Carpenter. The Team assembled by Father Spider and the direction of Madame Web and that united beings with mutated spider powers no matter what time throughout history. The Arachnids have their own engineered symbiote suits. They have precognitive senses, Wall Crawling, Web Shooting, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Speed enhancement. They no longer need equipment to shoot webs, Their Suites does that for them as their webbing is made from Adamanatium, Carbonadium, Promethium and Vibranium. They are all masters of martial arts in which they named Way of The Arachnid. Their suits are designed personally for them and it has special advanced features. It will always mentally obey to do as their told in any situation and it will protect life whether the person wearing the suit or a bystander. The Only person that has their original costume but is modified is Spider Woman.

Ghost Spider, Spider Bite, and Cyberweb can use teleportation and time travel for transportation. Spider Man, Spider Woman and Arachne has flight power. Scarlet Spider, Silk, and Venom uses their Arachnid Cycles that can travel in Air, Land and Sea and has their cycles accustomed to their abilities. Tarantulus, Spider Wick, and Arachnaman have Spider Gliders for travel.

The Arachnids have their headquarters called Spider Island that is not detected on earth. The Island is about 5000 feet long and It can travel to any commonwealth mainland It has the structure of all major cities across the world. It includes an advance shield training/weaponry area named the Web Corps. It is the Arachnids training area as well. And they can practically live their normal lives like that of an ordinary person in an ordinary city. Most of the Galactic Alliance beings have residence, and vacation on the Island as well as the Spider Society. The Arachnids have a ship called the Arachnoid that is the exact model of Iron/Metal/Steel body of a tarantula and has advanced weaponry in defense and offense and can fly and into hyper space and time and can transformed into a cyborg android Spider giant that has a modified spider man costume. Arachnaughts that were created by Oliver Osnick and May Reilly, the original Steel Spider and Lady Spider They have weaponry and armor except their costumes are made of Gold and Silver. The group known as the Slingers Dusk, (Shadow Manipulation) Hornet, (Laser Beam) Prodigy, (Chi Energy) Ricochet (Portal and Explosive discs) and Totem, Ezekiel Sims (Weaponry and Probability) are inhabitants on Spider Island and now are known as the Web Warriors

Directors of Spider Island

Cassandra Webb-(Madame Web) The Director of the Arachnids, it was here that gathered all the people who had spider powers to assemble as Madame Web showed them the horror and terror coming towards the universe itself. Abilities: Time Travel Astral Projection, Mind Alteration, Telepathy, Prescience, Clairvoyance, Psychic Surgery, Immortality, Cosmic Energy Concussion Projection and Life Coach. She is mentoring the children of Riley Tyne (Sting) The son of Ben Reilly and Benji (Kid Arachnid) and Annie Parker (Spiderling) and Gerald Drew the son of Jessica Drew.

Flash Thompson-(Spider Soldier) Use Heavy Artillery like guns, rifles, cannons, rockets, missiles. Is really like the modern-day version of cable and was known previously as Agent Venom or Venom Space knight until the original Venom Eddie Brock resurfaced.

Aaron Aikman-(Arachknight) Engineer. The new Iron Spider. Has the ability to bestow and jump start a person powers and power sensing. Also, re made the Web Corps facility for training for the Arachnids.

Mattie Franklin (Wallcrawler)-The Official Clone of Mattie Franklin created by Father Spider Abilities are Innate Capability, Ecological Empathy, Has the power to generate force fields around a planet. Sound Manipulation.

Mary Jane Watson Parker (Spinneret) The Wife of Peter Parker and Mother of Spiderling, Kid Arachnid and Spider Girl.

Students of Spider Island

Annie Parker (Spiderling)-The second child of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson; A mutant with unlimited potential.

Benji Parker (Kid Arachnid) The youngest child of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Another Mutant with ancient unlimited potential.

Olivia Octavius (Superior Spider) The Daughter of Doctor Octopus. She is the new superior spider taking over as the identity from her father.

Riley Tyne (Sting) The son of Ben Reilly

Gerry Drew (Webslinger) The son of Jessica Drew

The Arachnids
Peter Parker-(Spider Man) Abilities: can construct, generate, manipulate, and project microwave of the electromagnetic spectrum that includes radiation of light the symbiote suit Father Spider made for him also gives him flight. Can also manipulate and projection of any energy source blast from his hands at his mental command. And has superhuman senses of smell, touch, taste, vision, and hearing. He is the first to have the natural power of the Spider. But now has grew to a whole new array of powers.

Jessica Drew-(Spider Woman) Abilities: Her Venom Blast consists of Magnesium and Mercury Projection that can kill or stun beings and destroys all matter and anti-matter on contact. She can manipulate all types of chemical elements. Spider Woman can fly at Supersonic Flight that travels at the speed of brainwaves Pheromone Manipulation that has attract males and is a toxic stench to females and is immune to all radiation.

May Day Parker-(Spider Bite) The daughter of Peter Parker, who is also a Omicron mutant and recently teamed with her father and entered her senior year at the Avengers Academy which she was taught by Emma Frost of the X Men about her powers that it has to help mankind not to be used at a whim Abilities: can manipulate and project a Comet Energy Cryokinesis element that includes webbing, beams, shields, cells, boxes and her body. An Omicron Mutant has the likeness of a God and Omnipotent Manipulation of Ice Energy Psionic abilities and beyond the known limitation of the Universe itself.

Ben Reilly-(Scarlet Spider) The brother of Peter Parker, who is also an Omicron Mutate. But thanks to Father Spider he was healed and helped him unleashed his full potential. Abilities: can project and manipulate a Thermo Chemical Pyrokinesis concussion beams from at his will. An Omicron Mutate has the natural energy of the likeness of God the Creator, Omnipotent. Manipulation of Fire Energy Psionic abilities and beyond the known limitation of the Universe itself.

Anya Corazon-(Cyberweb) The very first Latino spider woman a descendant of the Spider Society that lives primarily on Spider Island. She had a tattoo gives her the ability to have of energy construction of the imagination and a projection of prehensile hair. The spider tattoo has its history going far back as the power of one of early Spider Gods of Arthropodan mythology.

Miles Morales-(Arachnaman) No longer a child with spider powers now a grown man that his powers with a passion of doing justice for the good of humanity. Met Peter Parker as Spider Man and even fought him and learn from him as well as getting training from Jessica Drew aka Spider Woman and Steve Rogers aka Captain America who later became President of the United States. Abilities: His Venom Sting is a vibro Shock Manipulation by physical touch, holding or touching the same object and by standing in the same area that Spider Man is in. Spider Man can project a vibro shock force field around himself, people and objects that deflect any object, beam or person immediately his vibro shock can cause minimal to massive earth quakes in which Arachnaman can destroy a city, state, country, and continent and has the power of invisibility.

Kaine Parker-(Spider Wick) The Younger Brother of Peter Parker The second clone Abilities: Has the power and energy of the natural made of Earth by camouflaging his suit with it as well, and also has the ability make his webbing and knives of Iron and Steel Also brought back to life by Father Spider and still have the original memories of the original clone. Project Spider Stingers from his hands and have sword, darts, bow/arrow, knives, blades, and Spears are made from adamantium, carbonadium, promethium and vibranium. Has the ability to transform into a 20-foot spider.

Miguel O Hara-(Tarantulus) The spider man of 2099 that teamed up with Peter Parker or Ben Reilly. Before Miles Morales and Anya Corazon, Miguel O Hara was the first Latino Mexican. Father Spider traveled to the year of 2099 and informed Miguel O Hara that he is need in alternate future. Abilities: can physically alter his DNA with predator animals that can give him claws, fangs and paws. Tarantulus has telescopic vision and hearing can withstand mystical attacks. Ability to increase and decrease density energy sourcing projection, intangibility, and invulnerability, and molecular manipulation and projection.

Julia Carpenter-(Arachne) Former Spider Woman of the defunct West Coast Avengers had a relationship with Shroud and now has a daughter and is the current Madame Web in the Marvel Universe. Abilities: teleportation, increase and decrease size alter human and spider physical manipulation, telekinesis and telepathic, the power of physical and energy absorption of beings via touch and through her webbing. She wanted to go back to being Arachne.

Gwen Stacy (Ghost Spider) The former first love of Peter Parker is now a full fledge member of the Arachnids Had Black Widow and Scarlet Witch as mentors. Abilities: Magical Powers of Spells, Summoning and various capabilities including portals and dimensions projection.

Cindy Moon (Silk) The first true original Spider Woman before Jessica Drew. Cheyarafim/Neyaphem, a hybrid mutate that is demon and angelic. Ability to construct or project Bio kinetic electric energy concussion blast and conversed it into physical strength.

Eddie Brock-(Venom). Abilities: Has the ability to transform into a 10-foot version of a spider man version of the hulk. Both version increases his strength tremendously. A clone of the original that died many years earlier that was created by Father Spider

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility And Beyond
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