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Subj: Re: Sinister War#1: The Good Doctor Was A Gamblin' Man
Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2021 at 07:09:18 am EDT (Viewed 154 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Sinister War#1: The Good Doctor Was A Gamblin' Man
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    It is possible that Mysterio knows and does not care. Not every villain wants to learn the hero identity and attack them through loved ones.

    Joker I am certain knows Bruce is batman, but to Joker, Batman is the enemy not Bruce.

    Also I cannot see how Mysterio could have changed time to prevent the marriage, healed Aunt May and did a world wide mind wipe. I don't think his powers are quite that strong.

    Also I really do not approve of trying to retcon Mephisto out of OMD. Who else would want to disrupt and remove Peter and MJ's marriage except maybe Kang or Immortus as they see in the future that descendants of Spider-man would be a problem for their future schemes?

Oh, ok, no problem. I did not want to imply that Mephisto's role would be retconned out of OMD.

On the contrary, I think that he is still involved.

I have absolutely no clue how Nick Spencer wants to conclude his run.

My wishful thinking is that Kindred is not Harry because, so far, I haven't understood why classic Harry would have become an agent of Hell.

I love 'Spectacular Spider-Man #200' and it is clear that when Harry died, he & Peter were friends again: Peter had forgiven Harry for tormenting him and Harry had saved Peter's life instead of killing him.

On the contrary, in 'Guardian Devil', Quentin Beck was an attention seeking egomaniac with psychopathic tendencies. Before committing suicide, he was responsible for multiple assassinations of innocent people and he endangered a baby. Mephisto was involved in this story because Doctor Strange & Daredevil consulted him to know if the baby was really the Antichrist or not.

So, if there is one Spidey villain who would become an agent of Hell after his death, that's Beck, not Harry Osborn. Back from the dead or not, Beck is the kind of guy that no one should trust in any circumstances. MJ has not realized who she is dealing with. Beck is much more dangerous than Boomerang or Black Cat.

The problem is that I don't know what Nick Spencer really wants to do. He paid tribute to JMDeMatteis and PAD but, at the same time, he reopened cans of worms with the apparent resurrections of Ned Leeds and the Finisher.

What is really Kindred? How & when was he created?
Are there two Harrys because Norman Osborn made a deal with Mephisto?
Is one of the Harrys fake or not?
How is Kindred connected to OMD?
Does Kindred want Peter Parker to remember what happened before OMD or not?
Why does Kindred want the current Mysterio to join the ranks of the Sinister Six?
Why would the current Mysterio want to save MJ & Spider-Man when, not so long ago, Beck was eager to kill the Spider-Men (Peter Parker, Ben Reilly and, probably, Miles Morales & Kaine) because Ben Reilly destroyed Misty Beck?
Is the current Finisher alive or is he a LMD?
Why does the Chameleon want to stay in a Symkarian prison when most of the other Spidey villains gather for the 'Sinister War'? Does he know something about Kindred that others don't?
Was the Chameleon serum used on one of the main characters involved in the current storyline (Carlie Cooper? Ned Leeds? Harry Lyman? Aunt May? MJ? Somebody else?)
Why is none of the Goblins (except if Kindred is regarded as some kind of Demogoblin) currently involved in the 'Sinister War'?

Well, I am totally lost. (^_^)

"Undead Mysterio: agent of Mephisto" would explain many things but that's only my way of thinking, not Nick Spencer's intention.

I am not certain that I would really want that either.
Mysterio is a much better character if he is only human.
But if it is the only satisfying explanation that makes sense and resolves the situation, so be it.

Also Harry's Death in Spectacular 200 was the reason Norman came back and initiated the Clone Saga 2 to mess with Peter's life and then destroy him.

Yet Harry is revealed as alive after the Mephisto Mindwipe and the excuse was that Norman sent Harry away to recover and that he either hadnt' really died or he regenerated or some such

Yet harry being dead is what prompted Clone Saga 2....

makes no sense.

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