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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man#71: "That'll Be 25 Cents Please" (As in Lucy Van Pelt?)
Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2021 at 11:16:49 am EDT (Viewed 147 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#71: "That'll Be 25 Cents Please" (I wish)
Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2021 at 02:33:15 pm EDT (Viewed 205 times)

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Carlie tries to give BND era Harry a motivational speech, reminding him of his family. Harry tells her this is not the first time he's failed them, and that no matter how happy he is, how hard he tries to put things right, something is always there to remind him that none of it is real, and that none of it will ever last. After more coaxing from Carlie, Harry suddenly notices that the door to their cell is open and suggests there is a way to escape

Norman awakens and arranges a meeting with a lawyer, who shows him Mendell Stromm's video will, Stromm instructs Norman to use a key and travel to Europe to face his 'legacy', or rather his 'sin' according to Kindred.

As Peter takes a beating from the Sinister Six, Mary Jane is transported to Mysterio's old studios, where Beck reveals what happened to him at the end of Kevin Smith's "Guardian Devil", transported to hell and tortured, until Harry Osborn made him a deal. Taking it, Beck was revived around the time Peter's identity was public knowledge, his adventures in the Spider-Men crossover are referenced, and over time Harry stopped communicating with him until recently. Mysterio also reveals to Mary Jane that he was the psychiatrist who helped her get over Harry's death, but MJ barely remembers this, MJ tries to tell Beck he's changed, but Mysterio says it's time for his grand entrance and leaves her to Kindred

My thoughts

Ah, the ol' motivational speech, a classic rallying cry of a supporting cast member. I actually got behind Carlie on this one, Harry deflecting it and admitting there will always be a side to him that will convince him nothing is guaranteed, not even stability and sanity, is an all to raw thing to convey to a reader who may have lived vicariously through his redemption arc over the last'll be interesting to see if this Harry can be the one to conquer a literal demon and be the hero Kindred believes he was robbed of being thanks in part to Peter.

This issue may as well have been the seventh edition of the Amazing Mary Jane, as we get more insight into key plot points from her series and partnership with Mysterio, Mysterio indicating he's had a larger role in Peter and MJ's lives since the days of their marriage, and maybe even before then. This to me is a brilliant move as it gives another hero and villain relationship greater stakes and help legitimize Beck in ways not seen since Kevin Smith's Guardian Devil, which is referenced here (and just when Smith is making..erm...'interesting headlines' online at the moment)

Norman's trip to Europe does remind me somewhat of the Smallville episode 'Veritas'. Two guesses I have are he finds the estate is a Chameleon training den, and from there we get the truth about his and Gwen's 'kids' (Sins Past retcon), or the estate is housing Baby May (yeah, this is the part that's entirely wishful thinking)

Your subject line kinda got past me. Hmm... was the subject line a play on therapy fees?
lucy psychiatric booth

It was a grabber cover but, after it was said and done, Mysterio might have been the better foe to feature on the cover. However, the inside content, less so the art, more than held my attention. Not crazy about the Marketing Decision to alternate titles instead of just keeping it all ASM with SINISTER WAR numbering as the banner. And Harry's narrative on the meaning of life was VERY DEPRESSING, then again it was just his character's (plot deviced) POV. It was interesting to see how Beck is being more woven into set canon. You make fair observations about him; still it will be dealbreaker if any online reviews point out major ignored danglers or contradictions have been "creatively" retconned in. Were there any other backissues, besides the arcs below, where the alias "Ludwig Rinehart" has been used?

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