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Subj: Re: Old '90s Spider-Man comic question (OLD SPOILERS)
Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2021 at 04:26:31 pm EDT (Viewed 149 times)
Reply Subj: Old '90s Spider-Man comic question (OLD SPOILERS)
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I can't remember which issue number it was, but it was the series called "Spider-Man," originally-created by Todd McFarlane, which would later become "Peter Parker: Spider-Man."

Anyway, my question has to do with an issue where Spidey fought Electro. Electro started balling over having been picked on in school a lot as a kid, and Spidey tried to comfort him, saying he had the same problems. By the time the cops, or media, or both arrived, Electro was praising Spidey as being a really great guy. What happened the next time the two met? Was it treated like what they said never happened, or did something happen to make Electro not like Spidey again? I've been wondering about this for awhile.

I think it was Tom DeFalco that addressed what you are talking about by having Electro dismiss his actions\remorse in a single line as he was just feeling down that day and had just gotten his powers re-upped by the Rose and Deliah in Amazing Spider-Man 423 which was almost 4 years after that Spider-Man story.

I don't re-call and did some weak research if Electro made any other appearance between those 2 stories.

My weak research page in case you are wondering... I only looked it over quickly.

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