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Subj: Re: Sinister War#4: Battle of the Masks...
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Reply Subj: Sinister War#4: Never Bet On Red!
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Morlun kills Boomerang, who makes the sacrifice to save Peter's life. Doc Ock in the meantime was able to somehow find the time to macguyver a functioning sonic transducer which causes the brains of all the centipedes possessing the Sinister factions to explode, freeing them from Kindred's control. Meanwhile, in Vegas, we find Mephisto has LOST his game with Doctor Strange. Mephisto assures Strange that Spider-Man has walked away from the big fight, but he believes a great loss is still imminent

Cheeky thoughts:

I wonder if this development possibly means Peter will have to choose between restoring the marriage, redeeming Harry's soul, or returning Fred to life? Also occurred to me that all three, MJ, Harry, and Fred, are people Peter's lived with.

Overall, while Peter puts on a valiant show here, he is robbed of a chance to really use his smarts, where as Otto proves himself 'superior' again and all without spider powers. It was nice to see Kindred react as if he were properly losing and had been taken by surprise also, this really marks his first true thwarting in over three to four years of storytelling...and it wasn't Peter who set him back.

Two more issues to go...will it be worth the wait?

So, the whole battle royale mini was a mere cameofest of underplayed Spider-rabble. Every baddie defeated with inconsequential injuries and getaway inevitabilities. Or course the exception there, as you noted, being Doc Ock and Boomerang got satisfying moments of heroism against Kindred. Generally no characterization and no hero back-up. All packaged in four $5 issues of nice art. Of course the exception, there, is this issue was not near as visually satisfying as the previous three and that whole scene webbing Sin-Eater's gun and blowing off his hands was horrendous.

Preview of Sinister War (2021) #4 (of 4)

Funny possible No-Prize why the other heroes were absent...

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