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Subj: Re: Steve Ditko estate seeks to reclaim Spider-man and Dr Strange rights
Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 at 12:44:26 am EDT (Viewed 100 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Steve Ditko estate seeks to reclaim Spider-man and Dr Strange rights
Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2021 at 06:31:34 am EDT (Viewed 126 times)

    I don't think you even have to go that deep into it.

    One person doing everything for a character is a great story. That guy getting screwed out of credit is an even better one. That is why the legend that Stan Lee stole credit for everything from Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko has become so popular... it is a good story.

    Unfortunately, neither one of their solo work bares any reality to that claim. Both were good idea men, Ditko a good plotter, but both were God awful with character.

    Kirby's dialogue is especially bad, and I personally find his return to Captain America in the 70s un-f###ing-readable.

    Ditko tried to recreate Spider-Man twice. Once with Blue Beetle (who was a far cry from what Dematteis and Giffen turned him into) and with teenage characters Hawk and Dove.

    Both had interesting plots, and Hawk and Dove a cool idea, but the characters were a little flat.

    Maybe Ditko believed he got wronged, or just never bothered to openly correct things.

Spider-Man became a much more altruistic character that Ditko was probably comfortable being associated with. IIRC, Ditko got more into Objectivism after Spider-Man was created.

In my own humble opinion, the discussion of objectivism vs altruism can make for a good theme within a story. Unfortunately, Steve Ditko never seemed to be interested in the discussion. Judging by his work (and what I've been able to learn about him) he seemed to want to take readers by the hand and lead them to the conclusion that objectivism was a better choice.

    Siegel and Shuster won a lawsuit saying they should get credit. Well, Ditko gets credit. Even back in the day, he got credit... some of the early spider-man books even went so far as to point out that he plotted the story.

Yes Siegel and Shuster deserved credit for Superman. Until very recently only Bob Kane received full credit for Batman. Even now the credit isn't Bob Kane and Bill Finger, it's only Bob Kane with Bill Finger.

But Steve Ditko always got full credit for his part in creating Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.