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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man#74 aka #875: Some Days Never End
Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2021 at 11:40:55 am EDT (Viewed 197 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#74 aka #875: Some Days Never End
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Mephisto's true plan is revealed...he erased Peter and MJ's marriage because their daughter is destined to end his reign over all of Earth

Those looking forward to more resolution to OMD are going to be disappointed. Other than learning either Peter or Mayday will be the one to defeat Mephisto in the future, we don't get much more than that. Peter and MJ don't learn of the deal, but at least they still end the issue as an 'unbreakable' couple, so there is fresh hope Mayday will come to pass.

Doctor Strange's game with Mephisto isn't to reclaim Peter's soul, but to free Harry from the devil and put a stop to Kindred, who are revealed to have always been the Stacy Twins, they weren't possessed by Harry at all. Mephisto tortured both Sarah and Gabriel's souls in hell each time they died and corrupted them into being his demonic lackeys. The Harry Osborn A.I is also revealed to be have been controlled by Mephisto all along

BND Harry reveals to Carlie that he was a clone the entire time, he equips himself with the goblin glider and pumpkin bombs and heads off to confront the Kindreds. He helps Peter, Norman, and MJ against them but is eventually killed.

Strange's gamble pays off and Harry's soul is finally freed...the Kindreds are released from Mephisto's control and they degenerate and die

There is a brief epilogue leading into Spider-Man Beyond where the Beyond corporation reunite Ben with Elizabeth Tyne, his one true love, and in doing so are assured his loyalty

My thoughts

I'm just going to blame Gage for all this. I knew from his tweet yesterday revealing he'd been involved in co-plotting this story that Marvel editorial were coming for this one hard and fast.

Have to admit though, I cracked up when Norman randomly said "Oh, and the evil Harry computer was taking orders from Mephisto", since that had no real set-up even in the previous issue.

I don't think it's a total let down though, as far as OMD goes that event now truly informs the future of Spider-Man rather than hinders it, with Peter and MJ still depicted as an 'unbreakable' couple, and a guaranteed victory for the Parkers over Mephisto looming, whether it's Peter or Mayday. Most of the last decade has been acknowledged as a waste of our time and dealt with appropriatly, and in a way that is fun, colourfully illustrated, and just plain bonkers.

There are flaws, and there are certainly things that now retroactively make zero sense such as Kindred's motivations...there will be confusion, reappraisal, revaluation or rather there should be, but "NO TIME FOR THAT, HERE'S THE BEYOND ERA, READ THIS, SHUT UP" says Marvel.

Sooner or later, they're gonna have to put up or shut up with OMD. Perhaps our wait will be shorter, maybe it'll come tomorrow.

...But as the Bond song goes, 'tomorrow never dies'.

It's magic we don't have to explain it.

Marvels infamous policy after OMD came out.

Not surprised the Mephisto Mindwipe is still in effect.

Ah well,. I suppose November's Captain Marvel 34 will also be a let down.

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