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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #75: Spider-clone, Spider-clone, does whatever Spider-man can...
Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2021 at 08:09:23 pm EDT (Viewed 191 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man#75: Beyond A Doubt?
Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2021 at 02:32:36 am EDT (Viewed 166 times)

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Read the issue earlier. I can see Ben is having therapy and is seizing his life for himself which is good to see. Its always a shabby excuse to say 'they will do it anyway' - so I am joining in but still its nice to see Ben getting his dreams to come true. Ben is acting a bit like a douche no doubt due to the therapy he is getting and all the favours the Beyond Corp is doing for him. He will be in big trouble when those favours are called in.

Never was a fan of Ben Reilly (as Marvel evolved his cloned existence). Not that he hasn't been in a good story or two. Just going to have to wait and see with this. The nice art helps. Proliferating concurrent codename copying in the MU is not. Ben's been better as the Scarlet Spider but at least this arc gives a workable reason for backsliding to just SPIDER-MANĀ© again. Not sure why Peter was so opposed to it given that he's fine with Miles waltzing around or the whole Spider-Verse cast he jokingly calls out. Any 'easy access' existence or 'speed-dial' resources to a whole "Green Lantern Corps" of Spider-copies would be another pet peeve to be leary of on another day. However overall, so far, so good enough. The Beyond Corp is -potentially- interesting. Uhh, NINETEEN parts?

Nice to see Colleen Wing hasn't been forgotten/ignored, too.

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