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Subj: Re: #878 and Sensational #4...
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Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#76: Beyond A Blessing
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Amazing Spider-Man#76

Peter's in a bad way due to the poisoning, MJ and Aunt May are summoned by Ben posing as Peter over the phone. Aunt May is less convinced than MJ that he's Peter, but goes anyway. MJ and Peter lie to May to cover up the real reason he was attacked, saying he got caught up in the U-Foe assault while visiting Doctor Connors. Ben arrives and tells Peter he's not good with asking for things, so claims his 'therapist' (Doctor Kafka), but now he feels compelled to try. Peter gives Ben his blessing to be Spider-Man. When Ben departs, Peter tells MJ he wanted to wait until he was out of earshot and sight before confessing that he can't feel anything in his body. He goes into convulsions and doctors scramble to stabilise him, but they appear to be losing him. Ben in the meantime suits up and confronts the U-Foes as Spider-Man

My thoughts

We know Peter will be fine from solicits, and we know a little in who orchestrates his recovery (Ock), so it's nice to see the issue begin to set things in motion as to how that will play out. In a way, it's just a very simple and uncomplicated retread of a similar situation Peter went through in the Clone Saga...body ravaged by poison, and Otto having to piece together a cure.

Peter and Ben had a good talk here, Peter telling Ben what he wants to hear less because he has to, and more because he's trying to ensure there is a Spider-Man to carry on where he cannot, and not wanting Ben to see him in an even worse state. As we see from how Ben talks to Elizabeth, he's wracked with guilt over Peter's condition, and staves off the mission for Beyond to go see him. I like that Misty and Coleen also stand up a bit for Peter when the Beyond guy insists Ben is the definitive version.

Is Mary Jane wearing the engagement ring? It's not alluded to in the dialogue but they make sure that ring stands out in two scenes. MJ is fabulous here, covering for Peter when Aunt May asks how he got like this, and saying Peter's sweetness is the reason she isn't screaming at him for not letting her chastise Ben.


Never read Sensational at the time and just found out that The Burglar had a revealed NAME and a DAUGHTER! Topically interested to see Ben had some close connection to Jessica Carradine. Whatever happened to that?
Sensational Spider-Man #4 (January, 1996)

MEANWHILE back to more about MU clones(ugh) with...

Amazing Spider-Man 077 LGY#878

Nice cover.

Non-committal #ing still peeving.

Not convinced of organic evolution of Knight&Wing working for Beyond. Maybe it's undercover for them?

NOT a fan of Ben co-opting the Recap Page Bio from Peter. Or the implication that he lived that Uncle Ben tragedy instead of it just being engram copies in his cloned brain. Thankfully, Peter is still appearing in this title - along with at least 2 of the TRUE ASM "family" cast.

Satisfactory first appearance of Maxine Danger. With her curious animated widgets goofing off and her mystery connection to Beyond's Trevor.

Uncomfortable conversation with Kafka when Ben claims more of Peter's childhood memories. Extended conversation was a bit blah.

FOOTNOTES to other concurrent books! \:D

Not familiar with Janine so it was helpful to finally meet her. Extended conversation was a bit blah.

So, May is off to ask Ock? So, Felicia will make nice with MJ to help?

So, Beyond Corp is teleportal capable? One-way?

Finally get to revisit Morbius - but sans footnotes or update as of yet. Extended battle was exciting enough.

Nice cliffhanger.

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I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
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