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Subj: Re: Spider-Man : No Way Home - I had a great time! :)
Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2021 at 08:38:53 am EST (Viewed 21 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Spider-Man : No Way Home - I had a great time! :)
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    The eventual death of the villains is a key element of the plot.

I agree it was a key element of the plot, in terms of character motivations. There was no mention of it being key to the spell though. The only criterion Strange specified for people being pulled in from other realities was them knowing that Peter Parker is Spider-Man: "That little spell that you botched where you wanted everyone to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, it started pulling in everyone who knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man, from every universe."

Out of the eight characters transported to the MCU from other realities, only three of them actually died in the previous movies they were in.

    Spider-Man 3.0 and the five villains assumed that the villains were transported to the MCU just before they died while fighting Spider-Man in their respective realities.

Not quite. Dr. Octopus mentioned that Osborn died, and then Sandman stated that both Ock and Osborn died fighting Spider-Man. Electro also figured out that he was about to die just before he was transported to the MCU. The Lizard didn't know if he died or not.

I don't see any part in the transcript for the movie where Peter indicates that he thinks that all the villains were going to die. He specifically tells Strange that: "Some of these guys are gonna die."

Also, the Sandman was technically wrong when he said Ock died fighting Spider-Man. That may've been what was reported on the news, but he didn't witness Ock's death first-hand. We did, and what we saw wasn't Ock dying while fighting Spider-Man, but rather, Ock coming to his senses, and sacrificing himself to save NYC from his out-of-control fusion reactor.

    Doctor Strange neither confirmed nor denied it. His only goal was to stop the chaos that the misfired spell had caused.

Strange didn't obviously know or seem especially concerned about the fate of the villains, or the history of those other realities in general. He specifically said "If they die, they die", which alludes to a mixture of ignorance and indifference on his part (similar to Ivan Drago saying "If he dies, he dies" about Apollo Creed in Rocky 4).

    Actually, if Sandman & the Lizard had guessed the truth, they would have sided with Doctor Strange against the other villains.

Possibly, but that has nothing to do with the nature of Strange's spell. Just as Strange apparently knew little or nothing about their universes, they knew little or nothing about him and his magic.

    Many thanks for your thoughtful analysis.
    My reaction is the same in this case: These implied explanations are far-fetched and far from being highlights of the story.
    The truth is that things happened because they served the purpose: Sony & Marvel Studios wanted to make a crossover film with the 5 main villains of the previous film series and the Spider-Man of the MCU.
    Since I enjoyed the movie, it's ok in my book. \:\-\)

I agree that both explanations are somewhat of a stretch, especially the one for Electro, but I can appreciate that they seemingly tried to at least hint at an explanation of some sort, rather than just completely ignoring their own story logic and hoping no one would notice. Perhaps they'll clarify things a bit more explicitly at some point down the line.

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