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Subj: Re: Two Major Revelations Today In Ben Reilly#1
Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2022 at 07:27:49 am EST (Viewed 182 times)
Reply Subj: Two Major Revelations Today In Ben Reilly#1
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    1. Mary Jane was still pregnant post-OMD.

It is not surprising JMD would do this, he is a pretty big proponent of the marriage. He really should have been the one writing Renew Your Vows.

By the way, also according to him, almost all of the writers when he was on the book...which would include almost every writer from the marriage to Byrne's God awful run... liked it.

Anyway, I won't jump into pointless optimism and suggest this is the beginning of the marriage's return. However, I do think it might be a sign that you might have a crop of editors not so opposed to the marriage.

I am not sure that will really end up meaning much... even if I want it to... but it would show Quesada was wrong about people's views, and those who liked it eventually making their way to the books. That would be nice.

    2. The original Ashley Kafka had known Peter was Spider-Man since the Clone Saga, as she helped him and Mary Jane come to terms with the 'discovery' Peter was the clone at the time.

I am of two minds of this...

On one hand, way to many people know and knew Peter's secret identity.

On the other, it is nice to see the return of adult Peter, even if not technically present in the book.

After years of Slott's childish Peter Parker, having Peter do the adult thing and find out he talked his way through it is a welcome element,

Ben too, trying to talk down the villain, always welcome.

I can't say I am surprised Dematteis out out a good Spider-Man issue, but it is certainly welcome.