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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #86: Beyond Erasure...
Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2022 at 09:15:03 pm EST (Viewed 106 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#86: Beyond Erasure
Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 at 06:46:39 am EST (Viewed 143 times)

This whole headlining Spider-clone run in ASM continues to be almost unbearable. And going into the new Ben Reilly Spider-man book VERY hesitant. If only all this was kept under the Scarlet Spider monicker it MAY have been more palatable.

    Maxine Danger threatens Janine,

TBH, it seems unbelievable, after every scene, that Janine was getting away with hiding and viewing and disseminating the palmed flash drive so completely given the security surveillance showing of the Beyond HQ so far. Granted, one of those scenes Maxine was obviously distracted but still she has a boatload of loyal employees. Then again, we seem to have Ben, Marcus, Misty, Coll, Kafka and now Janine objecting to many of Beyond's methods/decisions so Maxine must be growing more eratic after Doc Ock's sabotage.

    Bit disappointed the 'faceless' visions Ben had were just Beyond scrambling his memories...


    and how gullible did Ashley have to be not to think the corp would just let Ben have his privacy?


    Beyond had logical motivations for taking action and that Zeb isn't just lightly hand-waving the state of mind Ben was in after Clone Conspiracy, in many ways it's Ben realizing what happened in Spider-Geddon to restore balance to his soul isn't a guranteed quick fix for PTSD and those memories of Slott and PAD's events would still weigh heavily on his psyche and inform his character going forward regardless of how much he'd want to bury it

Well, it's good to see they are presenting a serious drawback to being a clone in the MU. (Can't wait for the Krakoan House of Cards to fall down hard.) Even if it compounds unlikely forced precidence how easy peasy mental manipulation tech has gotten. (Just like on Krakoa where every other person is a mind-mucking master telepath.) There are way too many MU Earth clones ALL living matter-of-fact story lives in bodies changed, in too many ways, as easy as people upgrading their cell phone. They need more balanced logistics for a closer to IRL shared MU experience.

PREVIEW of Amazing Spider-Man (2018-) #86:
(Cool grabber cover but is it poser or contextual? Not sure there.)

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