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Subj: Re: What are your PERSONAL classics?
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Reply Subj: What are your PERSONAL classics?
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Kraven's Last Hunt is great, the Death of Gwen Stacy will always be a milestone, the origin is timeless, Standing up to the Juggernaut was classic Spidey. However, the way some of the stories are talked about you would think his thousands of comics only gave a handful of readable stories.

What Spider-man stories mean the world to you, but never seem to get any love? More importantly, why?

Throwing a few out there.

Spider-Verse. Just everything about it was epic. Probably the best instant classic in along time.

Return of the Sinister Six. It was a good 3 month story with quick pacing and good artwork.

Maximum Carnage. The early 90's answer to having a big cross over within the connected titles. Also had lots of action and some good character moments.

Morlun and Totems. The first time we get Morlun with a big fight and Peter using his brains to defeat hin in an interesting way.

Spider-Man : Life Story. I liked that each issue dedicated itself to a decade and rewrote history to fit one issue.

Spider-Man : Renew Your Vows from Secret Wars. Get a good marriage story with a new Spider-Girl in Anna Parker.

And now some classics all because of my age at the time and in almost all within a year or each other...
Firelord vs Spider-Man. Slow start building to a great showdown.
Here Cometh the Commuter. Showing what Spider-Man was all about, he doesn't give up the catch even the smallest of crooks.
The Gold Notebook 2 parter. Spider-Man get his after seeing others be greedy.

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