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Subj: Re: What are your PERSONAL classics?
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Kraven's Last Hunt is great, the Death of Gwen Stacy will always be a milestone, the origin is timeless, Standing up to the Juggernaut was classic Spidey. However, the way some of the stories are talked about you would think his thousands of comics only gave a handful of readable stories.

What Spider-man stories mean the world to you, but never seem to get any love? More importantly, why?

Lee/Ditko: Everything up to and including "If This Be My Destiny" is the essential rite of passage for any aspiring superhero reader or writer.

Green Goblin Revealed: Norman and Peter discover the truth about one another and we see Peter take small steps to understanding Harry more.

The 'Harry Osborn on Drugs' arc: A brave choice by Stan and a strong message to convey to a reader. Takes a look into Harry's psyche

Death of the Stacys: George dies and burdens Peter with a promise he tragically can't keep as his love life pays the price for being who he is. The ending solidifies Mary Jane as the love to be reckoned with and establishes her life-long bond with her good friend.

The Original Clone Saga: Peter is betrayed by his mentor, and learns to let the lost love of his life go and to embrace the love of Mary Jane, the friend that's been there all along

Roger Stern/Tom DeFalco: Combined, this run established the most memorable villains of the 80s in the Hobgoblin and the Symbiote, and established Mary Jane in the role of an enduring confidante trying her best to grow and sort out her feelings for Peter and his secret life.

Michelline: The wedding, the spider slayers, Venom, Carnage, the Sinister Six, the Flash/Felicia 'ship, these early years of the Spider-Marriage are how you spoil a 90s kid

Clone Saga has it's ups (Aunt May's death/lost years/kane) and downs (Judas Traveller/Maximum Clonage/it just didn't end), but it at least lead to...

..Spider-Girl: The true canon to any objective reader, the Mc2 timeline advances Peter and MJ's story like nothing before or since. Peter's legacy sets out to embrace her destiny as heir to the webs, the Parker/Osborn conflict is resolved not through violence but through love and kinship. An optimistic and triumphant tone prevails throughout as the Parkers grow as a family, Peter learns to overcome his handicap, they welcome new additions, and see off Norman Osborn once and for all with the help of Aunt May's spirit!

JMS: The final saga of the mainstream Peter Parker as we knew him for 40 years, an accomplished, grown man, a life not as perfect as the MC2 version but one just as packed with incident, growth, and self-discovery as new layers are added to the Spider-mythos.

Spencer: The cleansing of a decade of misery for the Spider books, fun stories, a long-anticipated OMD tease, a renewed bond between Peter and MJ, redemption of Black Cat, Harry put back in his bottle, the best Kraven story in almost 40 years too. The only nitpick is a lot of the saga teased greater things and didn't amount to much, the Mephisto stuff in particular, but overall the best run since the end of JMS. Your milage may vary, and we may never see another of it's ilk for some time.