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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #93: Now we can move beyond...
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Rather than focus on the 'back of beyond' (I see someone has already done that), I thought I'd instead draw attention to the cliffhanger we leave Peter Parker on at the conclusion of this volume

Peter is recovering from the recent ignition of a new sibling rivalry as his clone Ben Reilly, left a chasm of a man, pummelled him after being denied a chance to recover his memories. Mary Jane is at his side as always to help him recover. As he finishes up some exercise routine at her apartment, he prepares to leave, only for MJ to stop him, she offers him a place to stay...not just for this evening, but for all time. The time has come to spend the rest of their lives together!

Peter accepts, but as he does so a mystery being made of light arrives at the apartment, Peter asks who they are. They say a path of blood has led them to his door and he must come with them.

My thoughts

Some shaky Bagely art aside, this is a nice scene that helps to set the stage for the mysteries to come for Peter. We know going into the relaunch that Peter has done something heinous that has cost him the trust and respect of everyone he loves, but this sequence hints that he could have now been shown the consequences of his what compels him to still make them?

As for Mary Jane, it is a rare credit to see her take agency and be the one to request Peter become her live-in partner once again, as we are usually expectant of Peter to try to pitch that himself and fail. It fulfils the promise somewhat of the first 74 or so issues of the run under Spencer to put the two of them in the best possible place...but sadly, knowing what's to come in the relaunch, this cliffhanger shows there can be gold ring at the end of the bright rainbow just yet for comics greatest couple.

What say you? Any thoughts on where Peter is headding?

The title-sabotaging journey to get here was generally offputting and peeving (except for the "All Hail, Queen Goblin" ish). However, this final issue was good stuff (or maybe it's just a relief to be over? ;\) ). The colors were poppin' and helped the lesser art effort, greatly here. Also:

Good context cover gives double take on motion f/x.

Jumbled flashback memories setup was too messy, imo. (Footnotes would've helped.)

Cameo of Slingers was (BARELY) better than nothing. (Showing 'em ALL in clearly in a panel would've helped.)

Marcus entertained me. His fate was appreciated.

Maxine entertained me. Her fate was appreciated.

The Ben Vs Peter conflict was believable. (At least under these conditions of Ben's -odd- deteriorating condition.)

Janine to the rescue, while heartfelt, just reminded me how peeving Beyond's precident-challenging resource have detracted from this arc. (The INFANTILIZER, while comical, just had me thinging from the get go how it belittles the cosmic-comic de-aging by Alpha The Ultimate in by making it commonplace. It feels like a possible parody proposal to defend against The Futurist before go-to genius Reed could ever science one up.)

Good fight action. (But Peter's explanation how he escaped -see attached- felt too confusing to me.)

Mystery/Threat of the Beyond's board members is maintained and baffling as ever. Meh. (Maybe Marcus can shed some light.)

May and MJ were spot on.

That Blood Road cliffhanger was an underwhelming choice, imo.

The rebirth and intro of CHASM was way too much trope. Seemed a bit pandering to Reillyfans but to each their own. On the plus side, he now has much more potential than a straight-up Spidey-clone, a cool character design that keeps the Spidey-imagery, and best of all it finally removes one of the umpteen detracting Spidey-copycats.


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