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Subj: More or less.
Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2022 at 06:59:15 pm EDT (Viewed 138 times)
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ASM ANN#05 Kart Fiers/Finisher Dies (Controversially Killed by Spider-Man)?!
Seriously?! Missed out on many of those early annuals. What happened?! Don't recall it ever footnoted. Was this 'kill' more or less insulting to readerfans than either of the TWO times writers could only tell their stories by having Daredevil kill an innocent both times? Off to check the Marvel Wikia entries now...

BTW, very interesting compilation project.

I miss Dad & Dan.

He did not choke him out or anything, but the Finisher launched seeking missiles at him.

He could not escape them, and led them back to the car that launched them.

There is a little bit of a "heat of the moment" element and it is unlikely the Finisher would have died had he not launched missiles at Spidey.

However, the thought balloons make it very clear that they were lead to to that spot intentionally.

In fairness, he did kill Pete's parents.