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Subj: Re: Ditko, Objectivism, Marvel: A Time for Reassessment?
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Reply Subj: Ditko, Objectivism, Marvel: A Time for Reassessment?
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This is a post that I can say has been years in the making:

For as long as I've known about comics, Steve Ditko has been famous (in that's it's the first two things you hear about the guy) for two things. Creating Spider-Man, and being an Objectivist. Both of these things are true.

Whenever I've come across commentary on Ditko's run on Spider-Man, you keep hitting many posts that bring up Objectivist influences on Spider-Man:
-- Supposedly Ditko objected to Norman Osborn being Green Goblin because a Randian would never want a businessman to be a bad guy (which is now totally debunked).
-- The protest scene in ASM#38 is a sign of Randian ideas manifesting (which led Al Ewing to have Spider-Man apologize for it in-page).
-- Neil Gaiman said in Jonathan Ross' BBC Documentary that Ditko and Lee disagreed politically, Ditko was "impossibly uptight" while Stan was the liberal friend of fans.

I am not a fan of Ayn Rand at all. In fact I think she's a damaging figure in many ways. But it's just that as someone who read Spider-Man comics at the time, I really didn't see any of this stuff reflected on page. So I researched Ditko for years. So I've written an article that looks at the "Randian Interpretation" of Ditko's time at Marvel as a whole. I go point by point, look at the evidence, and the latest up to date research, to hopefully complicate this stuff. Let me say, that I don't have any smoking gun one way or another, but I do think the existing assumptions about Rand and Ditko and how it affected Spider-Man (and for that matter Dr. Strange) needs to be reassessed.

Well yeah, you're not going to see much Randian stuff in Ditko's Spider-Man or Dr. Strange or stories, because Stan was writing them. Check out his self-published Mr. A, on the other hand...