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Subj: Re: Timeline: First Appearances of each Supergirl, Superwoman, etc. (4th Draft)
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Reply Subj: Re: Timeline: First Appearances of each Supergirl, Superwoman, etc. (4th Draft)
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> Excellent work, Lorendiac! Getting bigger and better all the time.
> I like that you've included where the stories can be found in recent reprints. I also like that you've included the writer on most of them. It would be nice to include the artist, too.
> A few comments:
> First, just because there's no where else to put it, several of the super-females (including Kirsten Wells and Luma Lynai) made appearances as ghosts in the THE KINGDOM: PLANET KRYPTON #1. I'm not sure how, or if, you want to include that, though.
When "The Kingdom" first came out, I didn't bother buying it, but I took it for granted that the whole thing was an "Elseworlds" since it was set-decades-in-the-future sequel to the Elseworlds mini "Kingdom Come." (Which I had bought as it came out.)

Eventually someone pointed out to me that the issues of "The Kingdom" didn't actually have the Elseworlds logo on them, but I still didn't take it very seriously (not even after I got around to reading the silly thing). And years later Dan DiDio said helpfully that Hypertime is gone from the DCU . . . as it now stands, I don't feel the compulsion to mention anything from "Kingdom Come" or "The Kingdom" at all.

> >(In contrast, the Superboy who was later created in a test tube when Superman was "dead" only got to be taken into the family as Clark's adopted cousin.)
> No need for the quotes. Per Dr. Occult, Superman really was dead.

Although DC didn't bother to reprint Occult's take on recent events at the end of "The Return of Superman" TPB -- chopped things off right in the middle of the issue that featured his lecture on the subject, in fact. Were they trying to disown him? \:\)

(Anyway, I think the quotes are justified, because most people will view with skepticism a "death" in which the body doesn't decompose and eventually stands up and starts walking around and talking people's ears off again!)

> >During Infinite Crisis, we saw bits of the "Tangent Universe," establishing that it is in fact possible to get from the main DCU timeline to Tangent's (or the other way) if necessary. This retroactively makes the Tangent Supergirl and the Tangent Powergirl eligible for my Timeline of characters who are "in continuity."
> This was actually established as far back as THE KINGDOM #2, when we were first introduced to Hypertime. In the splash page that shows a myriad of different Hypertimelines, the Tangent Universe Powergirl, Supergirl, Batman, Flash, and Joker are all seen. We also get a glimpse of the GENERATIONS universe and several other Elseworlds/imaginary universes (none of which contain Supergirl, though).
> omike015
> \:\-\|

As I said above, I find it hard to count "The Kingdom" as proving anything at all about "regular continuity." And did anybody actually travel to or from those Elseworlds universes that got cameos within "The Kingdom"? I think I said, in this latest draft, that seeing a successful trip from Point A to Point B was essential for my purposes. I don't think catching a "glimpse" of conditions at Point B is quite the same thing! \:\)

Batgirl: The Night Before Christmas" (Cassandra Cain surprises an unusual intruder in Wayne Manor.)

> And did anybody actually travel to or from those Elseworlds universes that got cameos within "The Kingdom"?

Yes. Superboy went on an extended Hypertime trip which is how he learned Superman's secret identity. The Flash did a storyline involving a Flash from another Hypertimeline, and the Titans of the Kingdom Come storyline teamed up with the present day Titans to save Donna Troy.

Also, Hypertime was mentioned in 52 recently.

Peter Svensson

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