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Subj: Re: Is Superman too fast? [Infinity Inc 2 SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 at 08:48:17 pm EST
Reply Subj: Is Superman too fast? [Infinity Inc 2 SPOILERS]
Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 at 04:43:46 pm EDT

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And here are some preview pages but note it is REALLY BAD that they SPOILER the cliffhanger page:

Will probably be passing on the Infinity Inc #3. Series seems more like a STEEL title with some Infinity Inc. guest stars. Seems kind of slow for the (re)forming of a new DC superteam. The artistic license used on the cover was clever enough (though redundantly deceptive as #1's cover). BTW, when was the last time John Henry wore the Steel suit?

So that's where Luthor's one bodyguard went... The Everyman Project was an intriguing Steel/Luthor storyline in 52 and it's good to see it still has impact in the DCU.

Remember the heated debates about Superman's depowering from his ludicrous planet-moving capability from pre-Crisis. Since then DC has flucuated his power levels (not sure his current generally acknowledged levels) but not near to ludicrous planet-moving. However this issue demonstrates that some interpretations still seem ludicrous. In the recent JLA arc doesn't Superman easily scan for energy signatures like Steel's patchwork device does here for 'extremely static and weak electric fields'. It's neat that John Henry makes the limiting attempt but it's odd Superman doesn't try. And the speed involved to thorough search 'every building subway and park withing a 200 mile radius' seems on the ludicrous power level in the seconds elapsed. Should Superman (or even Flash) be THAT fast??

Hire Speedsters:

and enter the current caption contest...

It looks to me that the other's are right about the combination of super speed, vision powers, and perhaps super hearing.

Out of habit Superman uses his x-ray and super vision when trying to find something.