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Subj: Re: Action 858 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 at 09:43:10 am EST
Reply Subj: Action 858 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 at 01:20:05 pm EDT

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Any thoughts on this issue?

I'm a fan of both Johns and Frank but I just didn't love this book. I mean it was good....don't get me wrong....but I didn't think it was a home run like I thought it was gonna be.

For me there was entirely too much of the original Superman movie style Clark Kent. Acting clumsy....seemed to be disliked by most of his coworkers...etc. Now maybe it was done to show the huge difference between Clark and Superman but I don't know. It was just constantly making me think of the movie.

When the Legion thing really got rolling it was good. They gave a little work on showing how Kal first met them and it was a good scene.

The art was ok. I really liked Frank's work on the Squadron and Hyperion and am hoping for great stuff here. The only thing I didn't really like is that he does not draw Superman as being all that big of a guy. I know he said in numerous interviews that he wasn't going to because he didn't see the need but it's been established in the DCU that Kal IS a big guy and has pretty much always been shown that way. The change here is somewhat disappointing, to me at least. The rest of the art was good though.

All in all a good issue with just a couple of nits to me. Not great but good. There was a really cool twist when Superman gets to the future that generated a big WHOA factor.


> Any thoughts on this issue?


-super, eye-catching cover! That ring just sets the stage. And any nitpick about the color of the sky comes back to bite ya in the butt by the end
-entertaining prologue! Looks like a clever cliche Superman origin with a entertaining twist but also it subliminally neatly drops in the color yellow into readers mind
-WONDERFUL art/inks/color all issue!! Though his suit is a little baggy, on the title page, it is still an interesting depiction. Hopefully this art team last past the trilogy
-is DC trying to establish that Kal El was an ugly baby?
-liked the BING and the KLIK on this page
-Clark seems to be putting a LOT of effort into his bumbling image. Could be a subplot in development. His face examining his tie for stains is excellent
-is this Jimmy appearance after Countdown series (probably a spoiler in itself)?
-noting the camera got peripheral damage in a superbattle, it's been 10years, and the observation of only having one young friend(Jimmy now in his 20s) were all great tidbit notes
-does this mean the Mon-El encounter in the recent Annual did or didn't happen?
-"Poor kid." \:\)
-Kent's clothes still go in his cape?
-using Brainiac giant was a fitting supervillain to use to start the trilogy off with ACTION. He probably arrived in that same time sphere...
-really enjoyed the flashback at school (despite probable continuity problems)
-really enjoyed the 2 pages of flying (and the dejection at seeing the bird not alone)
-really enjoyed the LSH flashback (it was nostalgic, necessary, and NEATO!)
-how true to the original is this retconned meeting? Has sweet, SINGLE, Saturn Girl ever flirted with Kent before in a story? Does that panel with young Kent's wonderful smile look kinda like Harry Potter? ;\)
-REALLY enjoyed the 2 page LSH lineup splash! Though Phantom Girl's suit is a little baggy it is also an INTERESTING depiction *love*
-incorporates the memory-charge element, to explain away forgotten past, and the JLA appearance, for utilize present continuity. Not that familiar with LSH/Superman current history but will empathize with any regular readers who question continuity problems
-the robot's explosion and Superman's future arrival had a scary factor
-it's probably/obviously an altered timeline from Supergirl And The LSH title but the altered uniform designs seem neat
-the laser thru the hand was a shock moment that was then topped by the even bigger cliffhanger shock splash

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