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Subj: All wrong
Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 at 06:39:59 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: You're right... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 at 12:44:17 pm EST

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> > > In Action 858, Superman mentions the events of the Lightning Saga story-line, so we know Action 858 takes place after the Lightning Saga.
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> > > In Action, Superman had no memory of his time with the Legion until Braniac 5 restored his memory. During the Lightning Saga Superman had full memory of "his friends" in the Legion, and even had detailed files about them in his fortress.
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> > > Am I missing something?
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> > Lord Majestros:
> > This definitely looks like a screw up. Supes clearly had full memories of his time with the Legion based on how he acted during "Lightning Saga", he even recounted the story of the original lightning ceremony to bring back Lightning Lad. Even after "Lightning Saga" he went to see Starman to try and get some answers, so the LSH didn't wipe his memory or anything before they left. So, Brainy having to do anything to his memory The only thing I can see is that maybe Action takes place after the Supes/Bats arc where Darkseid messes with Supes's mind :-?.
> I think that Superman just didn't initially recognize Brainy because he was older. Brainiac referred to the thing as memory analysis. Perhapps he was merely making sure that this was the right superman from the right earth at the right moment in time.
> I read it as Superman forgetting the Legion at first too, but at a second glance, it looked more ambiguous.

That makes sence. Also, it's hard to believe Jones would make a mistake like that, considering he co-wrote the Lightning Saga.

That wasn't the same brainiac 5 we all know and love, it is the one before they merged in the Lillith/Mon El story arc around the Zero Hour time. This ties in somehow to when Supergirl touched Karate Kid and saw both versions of him and Triplicate Girl.