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Subj: Re: Action Comics Weekly question.
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Reply Subj: Action Comics Weekly question.
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I am looking at my Supes collection and a self imposed glaring hole is Action Comics weekly. Was this run any good? I keep seeing those issue numbers missing and it bugs me. Any input would be welcome. Thanks.


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It seems like I may be the discenting voice here but I really enjoyed these books. How can you not love a cult that shows up to worship Superman or those classic images of Katma Tui all bloodied after Star Sapphire got a hold of her. Mad Dog was a bit of a waste but let's not forget that this was the first introduction of the second (and oh, so memorable in the story by none other than Chuck Austen) Phantom Lady. I really enjoyed the Blackhawk, Secret Six, Nightwing and Speedy, and Black Canary stuff as well. If I'm not mistaken, this was the story where BC burned the costume that Giffen and DeMatteis introduced in JLI. I think the wrap up story that someone else mentioned was supposed to be either issue 635 or 642. 635, IIRC, was a story that saw several of the characters featured in the anthology crossing over with one another. It was also the end of GL as a regular feature which was actually why I bought the book in the first place rather than as a Superman fan. Then, in 642 you had that great what if story where they looked at what would have happened if the GL ring had been given to various other DCU characters including Superman and Nightwing. I really thought there was a lot to like about these books but then again, I too only gave about 50 cent a piece for them if that. I guess all things considered, if you can find them in bargain bins (which shouldn't be hard) go for it but if you've got some hack trying to charge you $3-$6 a piece for them, save your money. Good luck.

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