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Subj: Re: Well, if there was ever a reason why I'm glad Superman Returns 'flopped'...
Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 01:11:23 pm EDT (Viewed 129 times)
Reply Subj: Well, if there was ever a reason why I'm glad Superman Returns 'flopped'...
Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 05:11:08 am EDT (Viewed 366 times)

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Is that it effectively killed Mark Millar's proposal for a Reboot Trilogy.

The story is here.

I remember when he was first trying to drum up support for it after word came out that Bryan Singer was not really involved with WB on a new Superman film... and I didn't like his ideas then and I'm sure as heck happy that WB/DC decided to pass on his and Matthew Vaughn's 'vision' now.

I do disagree with the article's writer on the fact that Superman won't be seen on the screen again. He's too much of a cultural icon to be ignored (and there's that pesky judge ruling on having a Superman film in development by 2011 or the Creator's Estates can sue for damages) and if Batman can be resurrected after the god-awful Batman and Robin (which was much more harmful overall to the Batman film legacy than Superman Returns could ever be) so can Superman.

I know there were a few extreme/strange story treatments floating around at that time and some of that fed into Superman Returns, it's not got the same 'wow' factor as the original film but neither is it bad, I liked it more than i thought i would but the casting was an issue for me.

Thinking on what the future holds my gut feeling is they need to go for a John Byrne style reboot for it, as in a completley different design & imagery for Krypton for example, much as i love it the Donner version is so familar it's not interesting anymore, it will need a strong actor in the role with the same sort of prescence Chris Reeve had and for the central threat maybe something completely original.

I must say from the point of view of plotting and characterisation i really think they should pick up on Geoff Johns theme of him being an Immigrant, Immigration being a hot issue worldwide now it would be a strong theme to explore if only as an allegory.
For him personally it means being the Last of his kind and a little isolated because of it, till he meets Lois, that sort of thing they can really build on in the same way Marvels films do....