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Subj: Re: Do not like Conner that appears in Adventure Comics #1...
Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 at 02:20:15 am EDT (Viewed 168 times)
Reply Subj: Do not like Conner that appears in Adventure Comics #1...
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Do not like Conner Kent who appears in Adventure Comics #1...

Adventure Comics #1

Liked Adventure Comics #1 which spotlighted Conner Kent though. *scratches head* The contradiction is extreme. Good cover. Good art and colors. Good Smallville setup. Good to see Superman back on earth post-WOK, even if it is out of reading sequence. Good dog, Krypto, good dog!!!!!!

Agree with hellblazerraiser from dcboardslink above:
Krypto was THE highlight of the issue!!!

Very clever use of to do list to nicely wrap up a self contained story.

Dont like Cassie but might like to give #2 after this good effort. And then theres Tim in #3:

What was the last issue Wonder Girl and Conner appeared together?
When did Conner hate Smallville?
Why cant he do freeze breath?
Any more info on the Bruin Lake Beast?
Does Conner have Lex DNA in him?

Don't know for sure, but I think Conner appeared with Cassie last when he Died in the Fifth issue of the Infinite Crisis.

Conner wasn't in Smallville that long, but the few times we did see him there, he struggled with having a secret identity as a nerd. He didn't like having to pretend from what I recall.

Not sure why he can't. In the Previews of Adventure Comics he says he DOES have all the powers to Bart at the Titans' Tower. But it's certainly possible some of his Kryptonian powers are only still developing.

Conner has half of his DNA from Superman and the other half from a human template. That Human template is now known to be Lex Luthor. He also has a few extra powers that Cadmus doctors gave him as they were trying to mimic Superman's aura.

Hope this helps.