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After dropping WONK, decided to also pass on the Supergirl Annual at 3.99 [good or bad?] and instead get...

Adventure Comics 2

It was a tad heavy on the soap opera dialogue and lite on the action. And still not a fan of Conner but y'know, this issue was.. a very pleasant read! Sweet story and art! The wish for consistency with the premiere came true.

There is a nice logic flow to the path SB is following. The opening sequence with sudden news of Braniac and Luthor escaping was probably more my bad than jarring as it likely happened in a skipped issue rather than behind the scenes. And the love triangle parallels to Superman/Batman/WonderWoman seemed a trifle too similar - THAT menage a trois still happened in mainstream Earth post-Countdown & FC, right?

Kind of surprised Cassie's mother was implied to be close acquaintence with Cassie's mother. And thank goodness Cassie doesnt want to 'copy' Lana Lang. Now, THAT was a nice line delivered! "Lori."? - Hope SHE isnt a 'copy' of a certain mermaid...

Krypto was classic. It will be great if he stays sidekick but it may also be a extreme challenge to crank out consecutively entertaining foes to go up against double the superpower all the time.

Luthor seemed spot on. Loved the last panel reaction.

Still not a fan of Cassie too but thought she was handled/rendered wonderfully here. Cannot wait to see how the SB/RR teamup is handled next issue after revealing her (apparent) indiscretion...

Adventure Comics has surprised me by its quality! Enjoyable and pacy.

I am certainly enjoying the Kon-el story but am concerned as it just seems to be treading old ground to a large extent. He is exactly where he was where he left off and i feel he needs to be going his own way carving his own legacy, not in smallville hiding out feeling sorry for himself....

The Legion side on the other hand is just not good enough. It's perfectly readable but the Legion of all superhero teams needs a full book to themselves to do it justice. I find it odd that DC have dropped the ball spectacularly here after the impact of ressurecting the concept in Action Comics and Final Crisis. Just what is their gameplan? \(sad\)