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Subj: ANOTHER revamp?! Sheesh DC, GIVE IT A REST!!!
Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 at 05:55:18 pm EDT (Viewed 19 times)
Reply Subj: Bye-bye, DCU. Hello, DCU
Posted: Tue May 31, 2011 at 09:00:41 pm EDT (Viewed 424 times)

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I don't know if this requires spoilers, but I'll throw some space in just in case it does.

DC is is completely rebooting. Books starting over as first issues.

Whatever. DC can yanky my wanky.


I'll never understand WHY DC has to ALWAYS change a hero's origins. There was nothing wrong with the revamp of characters that happened in 1986. Some characters got major changes, others got minor changes. The one character that I can name that was most effected by it all is Superman.

Then they came up with Birthright. Then they came up with Secret Origins. All in the same DECADE!

And now ANOTHER large scale revamp?! This is not needed and I'm getting really tired of things always changing in the DCU. It creates nothing but confusion, especially for new readers.

DC. GIVE IT A REST ALREADY!!! Stop changing something that ain't broke!

I really hope the other posters who have said this is not a permanent change are right. I'm really, really tired of the DCU always changing. DC, learn from Marvel, stick to ONE universe and STOP changing things all the time!

There, I've said my piece.