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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 at 03:15:53 am EDT (Viewed 18 times)
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    be writing a new title of Superman.

Dave M.... will be dancing in the street till dark. Metaphorically speaking. \(yes\) \:\)

It's the best news I've heard Superman-wise in a long time as Morrison really understands the character as Icon and leader of the pack.
I think I'd prefer one of the main books rather than an out of canon one but overall it's a very exciting press release from DC, some genuinly exciting creative teams and a few 'Dream teams' even, hope it doesn't turn to mush and a quick way for DC to make a buck - Change on this scale is good only if you're dead serious about it. I don't know if Superman in particular could survive another shambolic halfhearted reworking and I don't like the talk of a newer trendy costume either. Go the whole way DC and be firm about it, please. This sounds like it could end up as another Heroes Reborn fiasco...

Hey, Heroes Reborn sold a lot of issues. Grant Morrison's writing confuses me a bit sometimes, so I have to pay attention, but even though I'm a Marvel guy I can see myself reading this and/or the Justice League book he's doing with Jim Lee. Hey, Jim Lee worked on Heroes Reborn, too.

My bet is Superman will be single again. No matter how they do it, it won't be as bad as the Marvel did. Hey, to be honest (again as a Marvel guy) I don't think it can possibly be that bad. I don't get the JMS love from these companies. He wasn't a Spider-man writer, which was obvious after five years. Then they let him destroy the character. I'm not exagerrating. He destroyed the guy.

This doesn't sound too bad actually.