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Subj: Re: Action Comics #902 Review *SPOILERS*
Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 at 09:53:48 pm EDT (Viewed 203 times)
Reply Subj: Action Comics #902 Review *SPOILERS*
Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 at 04:37:54 pm EDT (Viewed 253 times)

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WARNING! If you haven't read this issue yet, there are MINOR SPOILERS in my post. I'll try to minimize it so you can enjoy the issue.

You have been warned.

I regret not collecting this Reign of Doomsday story from the very beginning. I admit, I was biased when I first learned of it. So I';ll have to wait until a graphic novel appears. So far, I'm really liking where this story is going. For the first time in a long time, Doomsday is actually a threat and not so easily stopped. But, lo and behold, we now have a new enemy called the Doomslayer who appeared last issue. I'm still sitting on the fence with this guy. I don't like him but I don't hate him either. He hasn't given me a reason for either quite yet. Course, he's still new and has been just introduced so there's still time to either love the guy or hate him.

Two things really stood out for me in this issue that I haven't seen Superman do in a long time or at least something like it. Granted, I have not been keeping up with Superman recently, until now, but I have been keeping a casual tab on the goings on in the super books.

The two things that really stood out for me was that Superman would not let Doomslayer kill Doomsday based on the fact that since Doomslayer managed to achieve intelligence and remorse over having killed the Eradicator last issue, then Doomsday has the potential for change, for redemption. Great moment there, THAT is Superman in my book. It would have been so easy to let Doomsday die, he did kill Superman after all. No one would shed a tear, but Superman defended him. I love it.

The second thing I really liked was when Superman was trying to save the world. He thought to himself that he could go save Lois then his parents, but then very quickly changes his mind and knows that he doesn't get to choose one life over another, especially millions. He determines to save everyone, including those he loves. Again, that's Superman, that's who he is. Having doubts is fine in my book, just so long as Superman makes the right decision and it's well executed at the right time, which so many writers just don't know how to do today. But it was well done here, I loved it. It worked. Now, if only the writers of the "Grounded" storyline could that message through their heads because they obviously haven't a clue on how to write Superman. \(\-\)

Can't wait until next month! Hopefully there is a big payoff and wheather or not I'll like Doomslayer or not.

Till next time folks.


Yep, agree those were two keeper moments. Enjoyable art made 'em that much better.

Also liked Lois' faith displayed throughout:

And the neat 'talking in space' detail (even if expending breath is wasteful - can we assume they were just lip synching and the word balloons were for readers benefit? Brackets w/asterisk in the word balloons wouldve confirmed it.):

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