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Subj: Re: That's been confirmed for a long-time now...
Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 at 10:29:41 pm EDT (Viewed 131 times)
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    A few weeks after Snyder was revealed as Director, IIRC.

    It's why, although I don't have a whole lot of faith in this new movie, I'm not envious of them. Because no matter what direction you go (all new narrative or a Singer-like continuation of the '78 film), you will always be compared to the Donner film... from acting, to score, ETC.

    So the guys are screwed no matter which way they go; because it'll be hard to top what is arguably one of all time great film scores (the only score that beats it, IMO, is the Lawrence of Arabia score...) and if they just riff on it, they'll get crap for it too.

    Personally, I'm more worried/pissed about the fact that instead of trying to really make a different and distinct looking Krypton (which is why I've always loved the Donner version... because a crystalline world IS a unique and out there visual), they've been quoted that the Krypton of this movie is going to be like Coruscant from Star Wars.

    So you're throwing away a unique visual (and vastly under-explored technology) for a generic city-scape from another film. Whoopie.

Not only that, but it also looks like they will spend at least 40 minutes retelling Superman's origin. \:\(

If I had been in control of this movie, I'd retell Superman's origin in the credits the same way the Incredible Hulk was when Ed Norton starred as Bruce Banner. That was brilliant move by that team and I REALLY wish they do it here.

We don't need to see Superman's origin retold, we all know it by heart. Yet, all signs point to it. The Kents being cast, even Clark's biological parents are now going to be in the movie. So it looks like half the movie is going to be an introction/origin when we really DON'T need one before we get to the good part, provided Snyder can even deliver on that part. Which I'm doubting it considering the direction this movie is already headed in.

Out of ALL the villians that could have been used, Snyder HAD to go with Zod. Don't get me wrong, Zod is a great villian, but we've all already SEEN Zod in Superman II. I don't care that this movie is a reboot and has nothing to do with the Reeve films, we don't need to see Zod again. I really wish they had used someone that hasn't been used yet, like Metallo, Brainiac or even Doomsday. *Shakes head*

Even though I'm fine with a no crystaline Krypton, your not alone in hating the direction this movie is going in.

Worse, DC is having a reboot. Chances are, that will affect the movie and we'll be seeing Henry Cavill in the rebooted Superman costume and not his classic look. \:\(

The more I hear about this movie, the more I will not even bother seeing it.

On a side note: EVERY future Superman movie will always be compared to Donnor's films and every actor who dons the cape will be compared to Christopher Reeve. I really wish people would just let these movies and these actors shine on their own without comparing them to the past movies/actor. The movies/actor do fine on their own and in their own way.

I pretty much agree on all you said. I just wish they'd use Brainiac at least... he's been deserving of a great screen adaption and he's so easy to do! Just... argh!

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