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Subj: Re: New Launch = Lack of Imagination
Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 at 03:40:37 pm EDT (Viewed 139 times)
Reply Subj: New Launch = Lack of Imagination
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 at 05:51:10 pm EDT (Viewed 153 times)

    Now that we have a few more details as to what is coming, i still say hitting the reboot button is like hitting the chicken switch. To me, it says that DC has a complete and total lack of imagination. The only way they can do these things is if they reboot everything.

True, I'm an optimist when it comes to comics, I don't like the online negativity a lot of forums online have (not this one mind) as people jump to unwarranted conclusions about books and new directions and seen to be predisposed for negativity. Now given the increasing reliance on hype and spin in the industry and particularly DCs antics in recent years I can understand the anxiety and cynicism, I'm beginning to share it to a degree, I'm also of the mind that DC owe me an apology for the shameful way 'Grounded' has limped out and has bled Superman readers of their time and money... I'm getting behind this Superman revamp as I think it's what the character needs and like most I'm pinning my hopes on Grant Morrison delivering a masterplan that can rescucitate a moribund character that DC has no idea what to do with. The downside of that is that it may be expecting too much of the writer as he will be battling against the editorial regime that has been responsible for Superman getting to this state to begin with, and even Morrison doesn't always get it right - His Batman hasn't floated my boat at all for example.

    Superman wearing Kryptonian Armor, in honor of his heritage. Cool idea, seeing as how the "Krypton" story is now over and he had a chance to embrace his roots. He even lived through Krypton being destroyed again. Not being married to Lois? Hey, poeople separate and even divorce.

The more I see of the new costumes the more I dislike them. A big mistake given this is a reboot, If Action is him getting started and 'Superman' is set right now are they saying he never wore the traditional Costume? If so it's a huge mistake as this armour(?) is already looking quaint and I think we all know it won't be around long. For another thing though if they're saying he DID wear the traditional costume but has now switched to this 'armour' what's going to be the explanation for him deciding to wear it all of a sudden?

Right there is just one potentially huge time-bomb DC will be having to deal with. They market a Superman that has been wearing the exact same costume for decades, this new look however is both dated already and not likely to last any length of time. It's a strange hubris that lets a publisher think such a radical shift is a great idea; but then it seems everyone wants to make their mark on Superman and Jim Lee's fingerprints are all over this design... if they really thought his traditional costume was naff then why not go the full distance and get rid of the 'silly' cape along with his 'silly' shorts.

    It's called evolving the character.

    Even with the events of 52, infinite crisis,and even Brightest Day, you can still fudge around with something.
    Hero's have come back from the dead and they have changed with events going on in their own titles.

    Does this call for a reboot? That is what it is. To bad we don;t have our own little "reboot" button. No matter what they call it, the industry knows what DC is doing and instead of this being a step up, it shows just how low DC has fallen!

I think it quite possible they will fall down with this yes, They have treated their current readership with indifference at best but the clear message to come out of all this is their sheer implacable conviction that digital iis the great saviour, that selling via download will bring the punters in in droves. I doubt it will be as great as they hope personally, but there's no way to know.
For one thing I don't think they have the advertising muscle needed to saturate their target demographic, for another I don't think people will really want to pay for and download anything more than the odd issue to try out, a comic download does not have the appeal or currency of a music or film download. If kids have money to spend on downloading I can't see them getting behind comics as a worthy way of disposing of their petty caash when they can instead doownload tunes or Apps for their phones and whatnot.
If in six to twelve months the figures aren't showing anything more than a modest improvement at best over the previous twelve months then I can't see it being deemed an unqualified success. If this new universe is also riddled with inconsistencies and flat storytelling than that too won't help the cause, selling on pure Hype is easy it's the products quality and integrity that's the true attraction.
What DC have apparently done here is dispose of the histories and relationships of some of these characters and are now inevitably going to be forced to retroactively fill in the holes - What's the Teen Titans histories and links to their mentors now? What's the Legions link to Superman? What about the Justice Society? Which books are set in the past and which are set 'now'? It just goes on and on. If in twelve or so months time DC are forced to backtrack then I can't see their credibility surviving, even an optimist like me would be hard pressed to put any faith in them anymore as as RAB points out up above 'once bitten twice shy. Bite me two or three times and it's well and truly over.... In this context I really do worry about DCs future as September and it's implications is something of a game of Russian Roulette, they are putting everything on the line and there's no fallback plan possible. They've made sure of that themselves.

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