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Subj: Re: chris kent? and Luthor?
Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2014 at 02:06:06 pm EDT (Viewed 93 times)
Reply Subj: Re: chris kent? and Luthor?
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    I have 2 questions, not really related to one another,
    whatever happened to that Chris Kent kid?
    In the finale of the Black Ring ( I think thats what its called ) story Lex Luthor finally finds the power rings hes been looking for, and he looks pretty powerful at the end, how was that dealt with before the Nu52 began?

'Chris Kent' was Superman and Lois' six year old adopted son, born in the Phantom Zone he escaped and was taken under the protective wing of Superman. When his parents, General Zod and Ursa, came after him the battle to stop them and protect Chris almost levelled Metropolis. The villains were sent back to the Zone but Chris was dragged in with them.
Due to a side effect of his birth in the Phantom Zone an older Chris later returns with the New Krypton storyline, and takes on the identity of Nightwing, along with fellow Kryptonian outcast Flamebird, the two operate under these covert identities in order to flush out underground Kryptonian agents on earth and to cut a story short Chris ultimately finds out that due to his Phantom Zone heritage he is connected to one of Krypton's most revered gods - the Nightwing entity, a Son of Rao himself. Merging with the entity to defeat the evil scientist Jax-Ur he eventually chooses to follow Flamebird as she sets off to rescue New Krypton and reverse the damage done to earths Sun in War of the Supermen. As they near the heart of the problem Flamebird realises this will require sacrifice, to which the Nightwing entity pulls Chris away, spiriting him into the Phantom Zone while she sacrifices herself to revert the Sun back to Yellow. In the final act of War of the Supermen as Superman and Zod enter the Zone locked in battle Chris pops up to save his 'father' and take Zod deep into the Zone forever. As the Nightwing leaves him to join with the Flamebird Chris disappears - fate unknown.

Concerning Lex Luthor... well as I recall the Black Ring hunt was revealed as a complex ruse by a cosmic being. Luthor reverses the tables and takes this being power, becoming a god. After trying to break Superman he loses control and the power slips way from him back to sender, Luthor presumably finds himself back on earth while Superman is alone in space and ends up with a quartet of Doomsdays to deal with... You can check it out here: In Action Comics #900.

So if Chris was to show back up again, he would be the new Superboy?

And his parents would be Lois and Clark, yet Clark is seeing Diana right now?

And is he as powerful as either Supes/Zpd then?

And the Black Ring affair never happened, as of the NU reboot, but is Christ still alive and can return some time?

Being in phantom Zone allowed him to escape reboot?

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