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Subj: Re: MOS color Undersaturation
Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 at 03:34:34 pm EDT (Viewed 12 times)
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    Old news, I know. Allow me to vent my spleen a little.

    Why do we live in a world where showing a blue costume as actually blue is uncool? When did blue become uncool? I thought it was most people's favorite color.

Cavill wore a blue costume, so did Brandon Routh. But, I still get where your coming from. The blue is too dark on Cavill's costume and even on Routh's costume it was too dark. There's one answer to WHY it's not the blue from the Christopher Reeve days and why it's dark.

Today, dark colors, and a dark overall tone to movies, is more "realistic". Bright colors, such as sky blue and cherry red, are seen as tacky. I don't think it's been directly stated as such, but examine the evidence. Superman Returns was supposed to be based on the Reeve films, yet the costume is totally different and darker. The X-Men movies (including the so called "prequals") did not have the actual comic book costumes. Even Iron Man appears to be in slightly darker colors than his comic counterpart. Thor has more black/dark blue than his comic counter part as well (even appearing WITHOUT his shiny helmet). Daredevil even had a darker costume than his comic self. Notice the trends. No more flashy costumes. They all must have darker colors because it's more "realistic"

Am I agreeing with this? No. To me, there is nothing wrong with flashy, bright colors. Reeve's costume worked. It'd work today if remade into better quality material but stay the same colors.

First the dark colors and now there is another trend that has begun thanks to Christopher Nolan, all for the sake of "realism". An extreme reluctance to call a Super-Hero by their Super-Hero NAME. I challenge anyone to re-watch all of Nolan's Batman films and tell me how many times Bruce was called BATMAN in each individual film. I bet I could count those times on one hand with all 3 films combined. How many times was Kal referred to as "Superman" in MoS? And not once did I hear Selina Kyle referred to as "Catwoman" in the final Batman film.

No flashy costumes and no calling anybody by there Super-Hero names unless the scene can't work without it is the age we live in now. It's the Dark Ages. \:\(

    Finally, I'm souring on Cavill. I think he has movie star presence and wasn't given much to work with in MOS. But. . .he doesn't look like Superman to me. His body type is just too square. I see Superman as taller and more elegantly built. And bluer. Like the guy on the right.

To me, Cavill looks like Superman (look-wise) and I loved how ripped he was. Definitely the most muscular "Superman" of them all and not skinny-as-a-beanpole like almost every other actor who has played Superman. In that respect, he beats even least when it comes to muscularity.

And for the record, Cavill is only about 6'1". \:\(

    I think I should have quit Superman when I was ahead. . .back with Chris Reeve! Ah well.

That was a Super-Hero movie done right. \:\)

Returns costume was an awfully muddy gray-blue. And his cape was BROWN!

As for Cavill, I truly doubt he's 6'1". I'd say in his socks he's 6'0" TOPS.

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