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Subj: Re: How many different titles does Marvel produce each month?
Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 at 10:54:07 am EDT (Viewed 76 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How many different titles does Marvel produce each month?
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And yet Batman is their most popular (best selling) character... why? Why is that character so far ahead of Superman?

I fully agree with your observation about watering down the audience too much, the evidence in declining sales does support the suggestion that DC and Marvel are asking far too much of their long suffering audience with their obsessive franchising and pointless additions to the schedules. Look to the likes of Green Lantern or the X-Men and you can instantly lose at least two books few will care about.
But Superman, like others, has seen his sales falling to quite worrying levels. Is this drop the fault the constant changing of creative teams? The Wonder Woman romance? The all-new isolated and Parentless Superman? Freezing Lois out of Superman's love life? The lack of clear focus on Clark Kent and his role in the books..?

It is likely all of these things, the new Superman is someone's creative vision, likely Jim Lee and Dan Didio's, but like a lot of the new 52 reworkings it has not been an easy ride and the flaws in the thinking behind it have been writ large. A great deal of effort has been put into separating Lois and Clark and making sure the chances of them ever getting back together are so remote as to be near unrealistic. So with no Lois to serve as his and the audiences anchor and point of interest we get not Lana Lang or Cat Grant, but Amazon royalty in the form of fellow super-hero Wonder Woman... the question at this point is can DC reverse all of this in a plausible in-story manner and return the things which have made the superman/clark/lois triangle work so well for seventy years, or is the only answer another rebooting of the character...?

I can like individual Superman books on their own terms, but there is no doubt that the underpinnings of the character have been deliberately bent out of alignment by some very irresponsible management in recent years. To reverse the decline in sales and renew interest you would have to restore the Superman/Lois romance, but I don't know if it is feasible to suddenly separate he and Wonder Woman, have Jonathan Carroll disappear, and all of a sudden have Clark and Lois back chasing the other... for one thing a return to the classic Lois and Clark romance would alter this Superman considerably, and this Superman (along with Supergirl & Superboy) is someone's creative vision after all. Someone was convinced this cynical and 'angry' approach to the characters would be just the thing. \(fear\)

Bats sells the most due to him getting by far the most play in decent movies, and has the Joker factor, and that His origin and character pretty much has stayed the same, regardless whose take is on him!

DC might have to have Superman positioned much like a Majestic/Eradiacator, as an Alien stranger whose desires is to help us out, but not to really become involved in our daily lives, like a Super Judge Dredd kal!

The ONLY two plausible scenerioes going forward now would be to either have it where Lois sees a dripping wet kal coming out of the shower, and realise that she just dreamed the entire nu 52, als Bobby/pam in dallas, or else have Luther blast Supes to "death" with Green K super weapon, and have himwaking up next to lois, saying that he just had a really weird nightmare, ala newhart show!

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