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Subj: Re: I suppose it comes down to pragmatism and culture.
Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 at 04:57:21 pm EDT (Viewed 105 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I suppose it comes down to pragmatism and culture.
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    Thankfully, his most powerful rogue, Mxy, is usually just a trickster, and a pain in his fanny!
    And can the Phantom Zone even contain those like a darkseid?

I don't see why not. To my knowledge Darkseid himself has no interdimensional travel capabilities. He relies primarily on the Boom Tubes. Sometimes the Omega Effect has shown some teleportation abilities, but I don't know if they work for him.

Even if we consider Darkseid a special case I think there are plenty of other foes. Doomsday, Parasite, Atomic Skull, Mongul and others are too powerful for a competent American judicial system to handle. The Joker? Sure, he is physically a regular human and a human prison by all rights should be able to hold him. The others I mentioned? Unless Earth has suddenly radically jumped in prison technology those guys are too powerful to safely contain. Something else needs to be done with them.

It goes back to the argument in Superman vs the Elite. Yes, you do not want someone on Superman's power level constantly acting as judge, jury, and executioner. It would be terrifying. Either Superman becomes ruler of the world or you risk a break down of law and order and a return to the days of blood feuds and true vigilantism. On the other, the Elite had a point as well. At the start of the film the Atomic Skull goes on a rampage, kills who knows how many people, and causes millions of dollars in property damage. The U. N. scene states this has happened before. According to Superman Skull is getting stronger and you cannot take away his powers without killing him. To top it all off about a week later he escapes again. All Superman does is throw him back into a human prison and it is clear that is not working. If the American justice system cannot safely contain him and either cannot or will not execute him and if Superman truly considers himself Earth's protector I think it falls upon him to do something about it. Either use Kryptonian technology to build a prison that can hold him, send him to the phantom zone or send him to another planet where he cannot do any harm. If all Superman does is thrown someone like the Skull back in prison knowing in all liklihood he is only going to escape again when Supes himself has other means I would seriously think at some point Superman beings to be partially to blame for the failings of the justice system and for the murders someone like the Atomic Skull commits.

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