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Subj: Re: It's a miracle it lasted 10 seasons
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    I have been rewatching some of the Smallville episodes on TNT (they run quite frequently). I did not watch the show during its initial run.

I watched seasons 1-3 and part of 4 in it's initial run before quitting due to the same ol' thing happening in an endless cycle of a similar story in almost every episode then rinse and repeat. I was able to watch seasons 1-10 a few years ago. And it's amazing this show managed to last 10 seasons of mostly crap.

    In my opinion, the show did an almost reverse "jump the shark" move (only know 1 other show that did this).

Smallville was the absolute KING of jumping the shark, breaking every rule imaginable and not in a good way. It too often hurt the story and characters.

    1) The Early years - there were the early episodes that centers around Smallville, Clark, Lana, Cloe, brooding Lex, and which almost every single problen was derived from the Meteors. Most of these episodes bore me to death.

Yeah, they were a bit boring. But at least back then we had some good stuff there too. Clark speaking to Lana's parents in the grave with Lana there (good character moment), the ever so spunky Chloe who knows she can never have Clark, Lex wanting to prove he's not his father's son...

    2) Oliver Queen's addition - Lana gone, Locations moves from Smallville, larger suport case, more "supers", introduction of Lois, some global intrigue, etc. I find these episodes so much more fun and I relaly liked the Oliver character.

I liked Oliver as well even though I still can't see that actor as Green Arrow, but rather the Flash (Barry Allen). Still, I always wished Smallville had included Batman in place of Ollie. It would have made so much more sense.

    There probably was a middle period where Lana and Lex were kind of on their way out and the series was trying to find its footing (gradually improving).

Am I the only one who *Shudders* hated the Lex/Lana relationship?

    anyway, that's my take would be interested in hearing other people's feelings.

I admit there are a lot of stuff I liked about Smallville. Christopher Reeve's occasional appearance with the actual Superman movie music playing in the background were some of the best episodes ever...

And I liked the final Lana episodes where she gained super powers with that heart breaking ending. I thought that was really good. Allison Mack herself directed one of those episodes (the one where Lana gets powers).

I liked the Green Arrow side of things, but thought it was odd he'd have a relationship with Chloe. *Scratches head*

After watching every season I can say that, overall, I didn't really like the show. Nothing wrong with a good story, but there's nothing wrong with some good action too. Sadly, the writers wrote 98% story and 2% action in nearly every episode. We just didn't get to see Clark ever strut his stuff and get into some really good fights and action. I wanted to see what Clark was capable of with those powers, but we rarely saw it. Sure, there were some great stuff like Clark's fight with Zod, even Clark Vs. Jonathan was a good fight. But we never got to see Clark do some ACTION! Some real action.

All we saw was Clark rescue this person, save this person, fight and win against this baddie in 2 seconds...

Then season after season after season after season of Clark constantly pining for Lana (For every step forward, there was two steps backwards), Clark letting his father die, Clark getting married and she dies then he SMILES in the very next episode as if he had never gotten married (where are the consiquences in this show?), not even trying to reconcile with Lex after Lex made an honest mistake, various Super-Heroes showing up before their time, Clark in that black get up *Shudders*, Clark killing then preaching it's not ok to do that, etc, etc...

Ok, sorry for the rant.

I'm done now.

When did Clark ever kill on Smallville?

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