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    He chose to NOT kill off Doomsday, and all those other ones that you mentioned were not due to him directly killing them off, but that they happened to in a sense get themselves killed off!

So, Brainiac attempted to kill himself? Weird, Clark clearly pushed him into that electrified fence.

So, Titan killed himself? Clark didn't fight him with the purpose to kill him? Interesting.

Reasons can be found for the above, but Clark very clearly DID kill Bizarro Clark. There's no getting around that.

Brainiac was a machine. Not flesh and blood. Clark destroyed a renegade toaster. Nothing more.

Bizarro? LANA destroyed him, not Clark.

Titan? Can't really recall the character.

Lois's old boyfriend who'd been "enhanced" by Lex? Can't recall how he ended, but I'm certain Clark didn't kill him.

The claim he did sounded so strange, with your having Brainiac and Bizarro in the list, I'm suspecting you got something wrong in the other two cases too.