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I actually would rather seem him as being physical as strong/fast/durable as say Spiderman naturally, and the exposure to Sun allows him to have his super senses and have all his natural powers magnified thousands of times over!

Can't have your cake and eat it too.

If his flight/anti-gravity comes from solar, and as a child those powers were only beginning, then a child with a dense molecular structure would have been very, very heavy and the Kents wouldn't have been able to lift him, and he'd have broken floors, chairs, beds, desks at school, etc. ("Birthright" said Krypton was 30 times as massive as Earth. Multiply a normal child's weight 30 times.)

I like the idea of him still being an analog to Kal-L if he loses his solar powers, but it creates too many problems, and also it wipes out the chance at stories where he does lose all his powers. (I mean, you can't keep putting him under red suns on Krypton-sized worlds just to do such stories.)