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Subj: Re: Why Jon has already failed as Superman
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When I read the Superman: Convergence tie-in issues and Superman: Lois & Clark 8 issue mini-series, I ended up loving Jon as a character. Then Jurgens and Tomasi's run on the title commenced and I just couldn't get enough of Jon as that cute 10-year-old kid. FINALLY, I thought, Superman is a father. FINALLY, we get to see the family dynamic in the super books that, quite frankly, we SHOULD have seen YEARS ago. I'll never understand what took DC so long to give Superman a kid. The Superman books were finally at an all-time high after the huge misfire that was the New 52. Comics were actually fun to read again.

Then enter Brian Michael Bendis. When I read the unfortunate news he was taking over BOTH Superman titles, I was anxious because of the man's notorious reputation of coming on a book and ruining other people's work. But then I remembered he had a fantastic run on Ultimate Spider-Man and that gave me a bit of hope that Bendis might bring that kind of magic to the Superman titles. I just wish he hadn't taken both of them because if I didn't like what he was doing, I could just read the other one. Sadly, DC gave the writer both books...

Then the nightmare starts as Bendis writes Superman and Lois so out of character it's not even funny by letting Jon go with Jor out on a trip in space. This is the same Jor who proved too insane to trust, who proved he's a villain and undeserving to have survived Krypton's destruction. Jor, who should have been revealed to be some kind of imposter but never was.

The Superman I know and love (along with Lois) would NEVER in a million years let Jon go with that insane super villain. But they both did. It didn't make it any better that Lois decided to go with them because she ABANDONED Jon in the middle of the trip. WHAT KIND OF PARENT DOES THAT?! So, SO OUT of character. And prior to this, Superman and Lois were turning out to be such great parents but this right here proves they are some of the WORST parents in all of comics. What kind of parents would abandoned their kid to an insane madman?!

But here's the kicker. Jon is aged up from 10 to 17 is just a few issues. I don't care what Bendis claimed as to the reasons why he did this. All I'm hearing is, "I was too lazy to write the family dynamic because I already did with Ultimate Spider-Man." Once again, Bendis has destroyed other people's work and not giving a care in the world how the fans feel about it. Unfortunately, the damage doesn't stop there. Now Jon is to replace his father as Superman when he hasn't earned that title.

Do you know why Wally West deserves to be the Flash? Because he EARNED it and he worked his butt off to have the right. Both to himself, to Barry Allen and everyone else who doubted him. But guess how long it took Wally to earn the right to be the Flash? Years. It took years of character development for Wally to earn the right.

Jon went from 10 to 17 in just a few issues and now he's set to replace his father as Superman ALREADY? I will not, and cannot, EVER accept that. Jon didn't spend the years of the necessary character development to earn the title of Superman when he barely spent any time as Superboy!

And what about Conner Kent? Why doesn't he get to replace Superman? He has, arguably, more of a right to the name than Jon does since the character was created first. But nope, Jon is Superman's son so that automatically makes him more worthy while Conner is pushed aside to make room for a kid who NEVER earned the right to be Superman?! I'm sorry, but unlike Jon, Conner has the years of character development necessary to make him worthy to be the next Superman, not Jon, and DC is going to IGNORE this?

For the above reasons, I cannot, and will not, EVER support Jon as Superman. And this is why the character has already failed as Superman. It's just too bad DC doesn't realize this as well. This is beyond astounding when the vast majority of the fans want the ten-year-old Jon back.

Looks like now he also will become a postor boy for diversity change in the DCU!

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