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    I don’t mind at all that DC is trying to make a quick buck, which is exactly what this is, but are the so artistically bankrupt that they can’t just create a new character? Why not give them a proper back story and really delve into what it means to be gay in their universe? Superman and Robin have shown no inclination towards homosexuality until DC decided to shoehorn this in. They will get some publicity and sell a few more comic books for a few months, but this just seems to be in poor taste.

Jon Kent is a character created in 2015, less than 6 years ago. And if we think that he is a teenager since december 2018, less than 3 years ago. So he is practically a new character with very few stories behind. And even less stories if we are only talking about his stories as a teenager.

And then, he is NOT gay, he is BIsexual. That means that any previous relationship with a girl is true, but he can also feel attracted to a male. This does not contradict any previous story. At all.

that depends if DC will be referencing any female relationships of his going forward though, ot just strictly males!