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Subj: Re: Action Comics #1037: Emphasis on "Apparent"...
Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2021 at 01:12:51 pm EST (Viewed 96 times)
Reply Subj: Action Comics #1037: Emphasis on "Apparent"...
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Action Comics 1037
> The Warworld Saga, Part II, and THE FACE-OFF YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! SUPERMAN AND THE AUTHORITY finally face MONGUL and his champions head-on! The fates of Warworld and all who live under Mongul’s rule hang in the balance…but He Who Holds All Chains is better prepared than Superman knows. Not everyone walks away from this one!

Superman: DEAD!
Apollo: DEAD!
Lightray: DEAD!
Manchester Black's alien target: Beaten... to death!
Enchantress: EATEN ALIVE!
Midnighter and Steel and OMAC 9: clearly outmatched!
Intro of Fah a leader among United Planets alien council: happy with the results.

Are you happy? Don't worry, though, dc.wikia qualifies the results as apparent DEATHS - of course they are, amirite? Props to Mongul MDCXCII showing either way. Also the shock action and dynamic art made for a good read. And it all made up for the 'Day in the Life of' Martian Manhunter. Although, that last page revisting/shocking appearance of the Golden Age character was potentially ingtriguing, eh?

I miss Dad & Dan.

Is he really dead, or is that just an illusion?