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Subj: Re: 90s/mullet-era Superman "Second String" Artist appreciation thread
Posted: Tue Dec 07, 2021 at 08:31:49 pm EST (Viewed 104 times)
Reply Subj: 90s/mullet-era Superman "Second String" Artist appreciation thread
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In the 90s, Jurgens and Breeding were the gold standard. IIRC, Tom Grummet and Kerry Gammill got a lot of love as well. But there are quite a few of 90s artists of the triangle area who were amazing, but didn't quite get the hype. In no particular order:

-STUART IMMONEN: arguably one of the most talented artists of his generation, he never got a lot of buzz with his somewhat understated and elegant style. He was on Superman for a LONG time. As a kid, I was sort of indifferent to his work. Now I truly enjoy it! Really beautiful stuff.

-JON BOGDONAVE: every kid's least favorite super-artist back in the day, the "ugly" artist. Except that he was awesome! Now that I get his style, I see how dynamic and fun it is; a cross between Kirby and Shuster.

-BARRY KITSON: as a kid, I thought Kitson was awesome on Superman! And I didn't know why he didn't get more love. He did a great 90s Supes, without going full Leifeld. Did great work on "Dead Again" and the Massacre slugfest and the cool deathtrap issue.

-JACKSON GUICE: as a kid, I thought of him as the "moody" version of Jurgens. But now I see him a really evokative, romantic artist. Maybe the "sexiest" Superman artist.

I didn't like Jackson Guice back in the day but his work has grown on me over the years. I feel like his work on Action Comics was kind of a low point in his career, because I went back and looked at his FLASH from the late 80s and thought it was quite solid. I also liked his Captain America stuff from around 2007... he did some great work with the Bucky Barnes version of Cap.

As for Bogdanove, he would occasionally do some good stuff but most of it was quite sloppy IMO. It also bothered me how he seemingly missed a lot of deadlines and was often replaced with guest artists.

And let's be real for a minute here. There were probably only a handful of artists that could make a long-haired Superman look cool. I thought Jurgens and Tom Grummet were both good at it. With that said, I am also of the opinion that NOBODY could make Clark Kent look good with longer hair.