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Subj: Re: WORST NEW CHARACTERS of the 90s Triangle Era
Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2021 at 04:59:37 pm EST (Viewed 78 times)
Reply Subj: WORST NEW CHARACTERS of the 90s Triangle Era
Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2021 at 10:35:23 pm EST (Viewed 109 times)

    1) The Contessa: such a tedious character that the only thing I remember about her is that she was tedious

I was out of the Superman books when she arrived, so I don't know a lot. But I do like the idea behind her....

    2) Thorn and Ashbury: what the hell was this?

    3) Alpha Centurion: I don't recall if there what happened to him and have no interest in finding out

I always wondered why they repurposed Terra Man's pre-crisis origin for this character... I think he has made a brief appearance somewhere in the last few years, but like other supporting characters of this era it's no surprise he faded away and no one noticed.

Not a bad character, just completely without a purpose is all.

    4) Conduit: Kenny, Kenny, had all the means to acquire Nukes and make a million robots that looked like your dad, but you couldn't just enjoy your life?

He was given the Silver-age Lex Luthor's origin. Luthor's relationship with Superman/Clark Kent was a complex one back in the day, childhood friendship changing into hatred and bitterness is a powerful emotional angle for a character, Kenny Bravermann was apparently there in the first issue of Man of Steel back in 1986, but while his battle with Kent and Superman was decent enough it obviously failed to have resonance with the editorial and creative teams to come.
I feel in the end Bravermann was a character not set up well enough - he just appeared one day, with no forewarning or set-up.

    5) Ron Troupe/Franklin Stern: don't mean to be harsh, but they were interchangeable to me. They were always the "saintly black guy" PC token to me; no character, no flaws.

I have no issue with these two. There have been several Daily Planet staff through the 80s and 90s who came and went, but like Conduit and the Contessa there hasn't been the investment in continuing with them.

    6) Dirk Armstrong: rightwing strawman/punching bag par excellance

    7) Strange Visitor/Sharon Vance: what the hell was this character?

    8) the Tribunal: these blue guys were just dumb

Yup! I felt at the time that the Superman books were slowly running out of steam after the death and Ressurection storylines, and Trial of Superman is one of the first storylines where I felt the plot was too stretched out, and the protagonists rather too thin.

    9) Jose Delgado/Gangbuster: just a dopey, badly designed character

I liked this character. Still do. I enjoyed the world-building of those late 80s and early 90s, where there was a sub-section of street-level heroes in Metropolis just doing their best. Like Sinbad, The Thorn, Guardian, and contrasted by unstable loose cannons like The Jackal and Saviour.

    10) Guardian/Newboy Legion: Cadmus is cool, but didn't like Jim Harper or those old timey newsboys. So very shoehorned into 90s comics.

That's true, these are fine Jack Kirby ideas yes, but despite the idea that they were clones of the originals placed into the post-crisis DCU they were still dressing and acting as if they were in the 1940s. It's like The Forever People - forever stuck in the 1960's. And while this is at the heart of who there are and how they look they are anachronisms...


    Any other stinkers you guys can remember?

Metallo. Although this is 1980s really he's a character I always had a problem investing in after John Byrne recreated him as a thin 'Terminator' lookalike.
I was never all that familiar with him pre-crisis as he didn't make many appearances at all in the bronze-age. But visually he was memorable, distinct. After the Crisis he was generic... even now he isn't a character with any set visual look all of his own, and remains a fringe character in the Superman books.

I could add other revival characters - The Master Jailer was a memorable new foe in the bronze-age, but completely forgettable in his 1990s revival.

Agent Liberty - I said above how much I appreciate the world-building of this era, and then there is the strange arrival of this character... an apparent xerox of John Walker/Steve Rogers, when we already had Jim Harper as The Guardian.
Not a terrible character, but I could never quite see the role or purpose he had in the Superman world.

Auron - a minor character created around the time of Karl Kesel and Barry Kitson as I remember. He didn't last long. Thankfully.

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